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Auto Scaling real-time Kafka Ingestion FTW!

by Sergio Ferragut · in Community · October 20, 2021

Uneven traffic flow in streaming pipelines is a common problem. Providing the right level of resources to keep up with spikes in demand is a requirement in order to deliver timely analytics.

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Swimming in the Data River or: How We Got to Streaming Analytics

by Rachel Pedreschi · in Industry · April 16, 2019

Businesses need to understand how their metrics change across many facets of their operations, and this is the core idea behind data analytics.

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Kappa architecture at NTT Com: Building a streaming analytics stack with Druid and Kafka

by Paolo Lucente, NTT · in User stories · January 8, 2019

One of the key activities at the heart of any internet backbone is flow analytics, which enables visibility into global traffic for many technical, economical, and security use cases. By providing real-time traffic visibility and rapid explanation capabilities for this data, we unlock tremendous business value for the whole organization.

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Farewell Lambda Architectures: Exactly-Once Streaming Ingestion in Druid

by David Lim · in Industry · July 5, 2016

Today, many companies are turning to streaming solutions which are enabling them to understand and make business decisions from their data immediately, resulting in an operational agility that was unthinkable only a few years ago. The new Kafka indexing service is an exciting milestone in the maturity of Druid's ingestion technology, giving users a way to stream data into Druid with exactly-once correctness.

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