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Accelerate time-to-value and reduce TCO for Druid-powered applications. With Imply, you can focus on projects that matter—we’ll take care of the rest.

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Everything you love about Druid, plus so much more

With Imply, you get everything you need to deploy and scale Druid with confidence–cloud-native service, frequently updated Druid distribution, visualization UI, built-in management, and performance monitoring software, along with 24/7 support and professional services for applications- and be built for streaming data.

  • Sub-second queries at any scale

    Druid’s unique distributed architecture and storage engine delivers consistent sub-second response times for simple to complex (ie. aggregation, groupby) queries on trillions of rows.

  • Imply

    Peace of mind

    For mission-critical analytics, uptime, performance, security, and reliability are paramount. Imply offers flexible cloud deployment options and world-class support to take the angst out of deploying and managing open-source software.

  • Higher concurrency, lower cost

    Druid is designed with a highly-efficient engine that minimizes CPU cycles for queries to support high concurrency at 100s to 1000s of queries per second- at a fraction of the cost of other databases.

  • Imply

    Simplified data operations

    Opt for our cloud service that deploys instantly, scales effortlessly, and doesn’t require any Druid expertise. Or run Druid yourself anywhere with our commercial distribution. Either way, you'll get advanced management software that makes cluster operations a breeze.

  • Real-time and historical insights

    Druid is built to ingest streaming and batch data. Native integration with Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis enables event-by-event ingestion, query-on-arrival, and guaranteed consistency, even when ingesting millions of events ingested per second.

  • Imply

    Cost savings

    Imply’s flexible Druid deployment options and Professional Services are designed to maximize database performance while minimizing costs, helping you right-size your infrastructure, lower TCO, and accelerate time-to-value for your real-time analytics use cases.

Lower your Druid TCO by up to 50%

Apache Druid
Druid with Imply
Sub-second at scale
True stream ingestion
High concurrency
Non-stop reliability
Cloud database service
Performance monitoring
Latest features
Visualization engine
24/7 Committed support
Start building today
Query speed
Imply has a proven track record of helping developers gain performance improvements, querying data sets 10 times faster*.
Minutes to start
Imply’s Druid-as-a-Service enables developers to start building their next analytics app in as little as five minutes.
Faster time-to-market
Imply delivers a pre-built UI so developers don’t spend months** building a custom UI for complex slice-and-dice analytical queries.
**Source: GameAnalytics

You’ll save money, guaranteed.

Our Total Value Guarantee promises you’ll lower the cost of running Druid when you partner with Imply*.
How much, you ask? Our customers have reduced their infrastructure spend for Druid by 50%.

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“We reduced our infrastructure costs by half and freed up 12 weekly engineering hours, more than covering the cost of Imply.”
Ravi Maurya  |  Technical Lead, Paytm
Flexible deployment options
  • Imply Polaris
    Most Popular
  • Imply Enterprise Hybrid
    Hybrid managed in AWS
    • Brings the ease of a cloud service to your AWS VPC
    • Access to our managed control pane
  • Imply Enterprise
    Commercial software
    • Deploy on-premises or in the public cloud
    • Access to Imply’s Druid expertise and management software

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