Shattering the Glass Ceiling of Analytics

Finally, a database for developers that can deliver an interactive data experience on streaming and batch data without any limitation to scale or concurrency – and do it without breaking the bank.

We are Innovators. Pioneers. Original creators of Druid.

Our database enables live conversations with data

No question, analytics are about creating insights. But your internal and external users are asking for more than static reports and dashboards. They want analytics applications that can rapidly explore and visualize TBs to PBs of raw, high cardinality data in seconds.  

That’s where we come in.

Our database unlocks the full value of streaming data

Data pipelines are being rearchitected to Kafka and AWS Kinesis to put data into motion. And the value of real-time data is real-time insights. This requires you selecting the right database architecture that delivers the best scale, latency, data quality, and analytics capabilities.

That’s where we come in.

Our database is incredibly efficient at any scale

A secret to our database is how we radically minimize processing cycles and the amount of data that has to be analyzed per query – packing more punch per node than anything else out there, and then scaling it out to 10,000 nodes. You want the performance but not the big bill.

That’s where we come in.

Imply, Built from Apache Druid, Delivers More of Everything

More performance for your apps. More scalability for your users. More efficiency for your wallet. Source

Imply completes Apache Druid

Why choose Imply for Druid?

You can sleep better at night

Applications built on Druid are mission-critical. And so uptime, performance, security, and reliability are paramount. Instead of relying on community forums, you can lean on Imply to take away the production angst of deploying and managing an open source project. We are the experts, so you don’t have to be.

You get operations-free performance

Managing a high-performance, distributed cluster can be challenging at scale. You want the speed, but not the work that comes with deploying, operating, upgrading, and scaling Druid.  Our enterprise distribution and cloud service makes Druid effortless. It’s the speed without any complexity.

You free up your developers’ time

Nothing is more important than an engineer’s time. And like with all open source software, you need certain features specific for you. Instead of spending cycles developing them, our distribution is packed with highly-requested features, enhanced security, and a powerful built-in UI.

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