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Get all the speed and performance of Druid without having to manage the database or configure infrastructure with a fully-managed cloud database service.

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Now Available: Imply Polaris on Microsoft Azure

It’s Druid-as-a-Service

Imply Polaris is a database-as-a-service that deploys in seconds, scales effortlessly, and doesn’t require any Druid expertise. It’s the easy button for the most popular real-time analytics database.

Easy onboarding and ingestion

Start for free by simply signing up for an account and in seconds you’re ready to start loading data and extracting insights.

Polaris supports data streams from Confluent Cloud, Apache Kafka, and Amazon Kinesis by dynamically scaling data ingestion resources based on actual event flow. Or push individual or bulk events directly from your application with a simple REST API without having to stand up and manage a streaming service.

Stream and batch ingest data “as is” without specifying an input schema and without specifying a table schema.


All the performance out of Druid without effort

Polaris handles the sizing, scaling, and upgrades without the operational effort of self-managing open source software.  Ensure high performance with automated tuning and configuration best practices based on over a decade’s worth of operations.

We guide you through the experience of defining and building the right data model for your application. Your data layout remains optimized over time with auto-compaction.  Advanced performance monitoring delivers curated dashboards to easily drill into the performance of your queries.


Built on a resilient and secure foundation

Imply Polaris takes on the hard parts of managing a database including availability, disaster recovery, and security.  Enjoy high availability with your analytics application automatically running across multiple availability zones.  Meet compliance requirements with SOC 2 Type 1 and HIPAA certification, secure data at-rest and in-motion with automatic encryption, and manage authorization with access controls including role-based, resource-based, and row-based.

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Plus, built-in data visualization included

In one-click, Polaris can start displaying ad-hoc queries across trillions of events. It enables the flexibility to rapidly drill drown on any filter to granular details. Spot a trend? Slice and dice data through drag-and-drop fields make it easy to follow the data. 

Embed visualizations directly into your own application to improve the overall experience you deliver to your customers. Your end users gain instant access to deep insights without requiring any separate tools. 

Or use the Polaris API and visualize data  with your preferred off the shelf visualization tools like Tableau, Looker, Grafana, Superset, and more.

Learn more about the built-in data visualization

  • Fully-managed

    Automated setup, backups, disaster recovery, security, upgrades, and ongoing management to deliver an always-on service.

  • Scale in seconds

    Elastically scale data ingestion resources and easily scale up or down query performance based on current needs.

  • Flexible stream ingestion

    Support data streams from Confluent Cloud, Apache Kafka, and Amazon Kinesis for instant decision-making and agile development.

  • Embedded analytics

    Deliver analytics into your own application to improve the overall experience you deliver to your customers.

  • Guaranteed availability

    Minimize risk and get peace of mind with contractual guarantees for availability.

  • Pay as you grow

    Start out with a small, development environment and grow it seamlessly to a large, production one at your pace.


Imply maintains a number of industry certifications and attestations. Our Hosted and Enterprise solutions maintain active ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II compliance, as well as HIPAA compliance attestations.
Visit our Trust Center for more information.

ISO 27001
Hippa Compliance
star level one
Flexible deployment options
  • Imply Polaris
    Most Popular
  • Imply Enterprise Hybrid
    Hybrid managed in AWS
    • Brings the ease of a cloud service to your AWS VPC
    • Access to our managed control pane
  • Imply Enterprise
    Commercial software
    • Deploy on-premises or in the public cloud
    • Access to Imply’s Druid expertise and management software

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