Imply Enterprise Hybrid

Run Apache Druid in your own AWS VPC while Imply helps ensure your database and cluster are up and running smoothly.

Hybrid-managed service in AWS

Imply Enterprise Hybrid is for those who want the easy button for Druid but need to have more control over their infrastructure. Druid runs in your AWS VPC with Imply providing a “hybrid” managed control plane.


Point-and-click operations with built-in management

Imply Hybrid is deployed completely within your own AWS account, using a dedicated virtual private network (VPC). This gives you full control over your security and your data. Imply hosts the control plane for your cluster in a separate VPC within Imply’s account. Your AWS VPC is linked through a peering connection with the Imply Manager VPC.

With a single click, you choose when to provision more servers; scale, tune or terminate clusters; and perform rolling updates or rollbacks without disrupting queries. Trained on a decade of Druid operations, Imply helps ensure your database and cluster are up and running smoothly.


Ensuring high performance in Apache Druid

Know your environment inside and out. 24×7 monitoring of your clusters helps you diagnose performance bottlenecks and avoid operational issues.

Create and view metrics, dashboards and alerts on the health of your Druid Cluster. Analyze query performance in detail by drilling down into all factors that contribute to query and ingestion issues. Reduce hardware expense and avoid over-provisioning with real-time insights into cluster-wide resource use.


Built on a resilient and secure foundation

Your Imply cluster is private and dedicated to you. It’s deployed within your own AWS account, using a dedicated virtual private network (VPC). In the rare event of AWS zone or region failure, clusters can be recreated at the click of a button.

All data is always encrypted at rest and in-transit. You have full control over who has access to your data. Role-based access control (RBAC) enables you to ensure your users, partners, customers, and others have exactly the permissions they need to do their work.

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Get proactive support with 24x7 visibility

Imply’s team of Druid committers are available to answer any technical issues and ensure you meet your production SLAs.

Imply can proactively resolve problems by pinpointing issues and delivering hands-on expertise.

“We started with PostgreSQL, but its scale limitation became really painful to deal with. Very happy we switched to Apache Druid with Imply.”
Puneet Arora  |  Engineering Manager, Atlassian
Flexible deployment options
  • Imply Polaris
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  • Imply Enterprise Hybrid
    Hybrid managed in AWS
    • Brings the ease of a cloud service to your AWS VPC
    • Access to our managed control pane
  • Imply Enterprise
    Commercial software
    • Deploy on-premises or in the public cloud
    • Access to Imply’s Druid expertise and management software

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