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Introducing Project Shapeshift

Reimagining the Druid experience in a cloud-first, developer-centric world.

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A high performance
real-time analytics database

Interactive analytics at any scale

Create a dynamic experience for your end users to rapidly visualize and explore data with sub-second query response times.

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Power applications for any number of users with a highly efficient architecture that supports 100s to 100K+ queries per second.

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Power applications that deliver continuous intelligence with native Kafka and AWS Kinesis integrations built for scale, low latency, and data quality.

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Powering analytics applications that deliver interactive data experiences at any scale

Internal-Facing Applications
External-Facing Applications
Applications that enable teams to rapidly explore TBs to PBs+ of data in seconds and sense and respond as events unfold.
  • Cloud application monitoring
  • IT & security observability
  • Product usage insights
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Applications that deliver valuable insights to external customers via embedded analytics or as a standalone analytics product.
  • User behavior analytics
  • Monitoring as a service
  • Cloud application usage
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A new architecture for analytics applications


Delivering real-time analytics to our advertisers

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“The team at Imply are Druid experts and provide best practices on Druid and Imply cluster design. We have also partnered with Imply to deliver additional Pivot UI functionality including alerting users when data hits designated thresholds, email reporting, and UX improvements around slicing and dicing data.”

Aaron Rolett
Engineering Manager, Twitter


Detecting malicious bots in real-time

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“Our detection team is constantly faced with evolving threats and new emerging fraud schemes. To keep up with such sophisticated actors, we needed the ability to quickly turn our hypotheses into data-driven decisions. That led us to Imply, which gave us an engine to drive the speed to insight we desired.”

Marion Habiby
Senior Data Ops, HUMAN


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We are on a mission to help people realize the full potential of data through the power of modern analytics applications.

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