What’s new in Imply – December 2022

Apr 26, 2023
Matt Morrissey

We’ve added two new features to Imply Polaris to make it easier for your end users to take advantage of real-time insights. First, with new embedded visualization options, including the Polaris Embedding API, you can easily add real-time visualizations into your own applications. And second, your end users can now get proactive reports sent to them (including straight to their inbox) every time values of certain metrics change.

If you’re not familiar with Polaris, let me give you a quick recap of what Polaris is all about. It starts with Druid-as-a-Service, with all the advantages of a fully managed cloud service plus additional built-in capabilities for data ingestion and visualization. It enables you to start extracting insights from your data within minutes—without the need to procure any infrastructure. You can use the same cloud database to manage your data from start to scale, with automatic tuning and continuous upgrades that ensure the best performance at every stage of your application’s life.

The new Polaris features continue to help developers build real-time analytics applications faster, cheaper, and with less effort. In this blog, I’ll dive into recent additions.

Deliver real-time insights to your end users by embedding Polaris visualizations into your applications

It’s kind of crazy – and kinda awesome – but even though Polaris is a database service it actually includes pretty robust data visualization capabilities. And now, Polaris lets you easily embed and integrate those visualizations directly into the application that you’re trying to build.

Polaris provides embedding APIs that makes it easier to build  an end-user experience that is suitable for your customers, focusing on what’s needed to make your application unique while providing a wide range of visualization options.  In addition, with multitenancy controls and governed data access, Polaris ensures your end users can not access and see data that isn’t theirs.

You can set up an embedded visualization solution in under 5 minutes with our low-code UI workflow or build a highly customized application using the Polaris Embedding API or UI.  To summarize the steps:

Step 1:  Build your visualizations

Build interactive visualizations by easily slicing, dicing, and drilling down into raw data at any volume.

Note:  Ensuring visualizations are always up to date as new data is ingested to Polaris is a simple process.  For streaming data, visualizations are automatically updated and for batch data, simply configure an ingestion task that will add ingested batch data to a Polaris table.

Step 2:  Embed analytics into your application

Copy and paste an embed link in the src attribute within the iFrame tag in your HTML.

Step 3:  You’re’ done

Your end users are now able to take advantage of insights in the form of dashboards and charts directly from your app.

Embedding is available as a preview feature for Polaris customers in the December release. Contact Imply or reach out to your Imply representative if you have questions or would like to use this capability.

Get insights delivered directly to your users with scheduled reports

Have you ever wanted to get a particular view or dashboard automatically delivered to your inbox with the latest data? Now you can with Imply Polaris.

Now, it’s easy to get proactive insights by configuring scheduled reports that are delivered regularly, either in your application or via email. Scheduled report configurations support all existing data export formats, such as CSV, JSON, and Excel for email attachments. Also, you can easily share these reports with non-Polaris users through automatic email delivery. You can also easily maintain access and security because you can control a user’s ability to view, create, and administer report configurations using Polaris’ role-based access control.

Getting proactive reports sent to you every time something changes is a really nice feature because users no longer have to continually monitor a data cube (this is how we handle multi-dimensional queries within Polaris). Instead of having to constantly “pull” this info, end users can now sit back and get this info automatically “pushed” to them. Delivery times are very flexible and can be scheduled for instant delivery, one-time delivery, or recurring on a schedule, such as once per day.

Learn more and get started for free!

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Imply Polaris—no credit card required! As always, we’re here to help—if you want to learn more or simply have questions, set up a demo with an Imply expert.

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