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Imply is a high-performance analytics solution to store, query, and visualize operational data.
Imply is built around Apache Druid (incubating), and is founded by the creators of Druid.
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Imply makes operational analytics easy

While traditional business intelligence workflows focus on creating static reports and dashboards, operational analytics focuses on rapid, dynamic access to data. Imply gives you the ability to instantly create ad-hoc views on data so you can quickly slice and dice and drill into data to explain any pattern or anomaly. Imply makes this workflow easy, and gives anyone in an organization the ability to explain trends and anomalies in data.

  • Analyze performance

    Slice and dice, filter, and aggregate data. Analyze performance of digital products, track mobile app usage, or monitor site reliability.

  • Diagnose problems

    Root case issues in a few clicks. Troubleshoot netflows, analyze security packets, or diagnose software crashes.

  • Find commonalities

    Find common attributes among events. Identify common attributes among failing devices, or users of a digital product.

  • Increase efficiency

    Improve product engagement. Optimize ad-spend in digital marketing campaigns or increase user engagement in online products.

Imply unlocks the power of Druid

Imply combines Druid, a powerful open source analytics engine created by Imply’s founders, with an intuitive, easy-to-use UI. Druid's innovative architecture enables orders of magntitude improvement on performance and efficiency versus traditional solutions.

  • Unified analytics and search

    Druid combines ideas from analytic databases, timeseries databases, and search systems to unlock operational analytics at scale.

  • Streaming and batch ingest

    Druid can load streams of events in real-time, or static files from file systems, no matter the scale, complexity, or structure of the data.

  • Deploy anywhere

    Druid can be deployed in any *NIX environment. Run it on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

  • Blazing fast OLAP

    Druid’s unique architecture makes it ideal for the slice and dice workflows commonly found in OLAP.

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