Operational analytics for your business

Fast analytics for your logs, machine data, and clickstreams, no matter what scale and complexity

Combine storage, compute, and visualization for instant visibility.

Imply is an analytics solution that specializes in OLAP (slice and dice, drill down, and aggregation queries) on streams and files. Imply stores, analyzes, and visualizes clickstreams, server logs, network flows, security data, product interactions, user events, call records, and other forms of machine-generated data. Events are visible less than a second after they occur and queries complete less than a second after they are issued. Experience the same performance regardless of the volume, dimensionality, or cardinality of your data. Learn more

The Imply advantage

Petabyte scale

Thousands of columns

Billions of values

Instant answers

Imply tightly couples storage, compute, and visualization to provide the best-in-class performance for log analytics. Unlike traditional systems, Imply stores data in a column orientation, where it can leverage numerous compression, encoding, and indexing algorithms to provide sub-second queries on millions of new events per second. Learn more

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