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Apache Druid is the real-time analytics database at the heart of Imply.

Imply adds visualization, management, security and monitoring.

Businesses explore event data at scale to achieve operational intelligence.

The first complete Druid solution

Imply Security Secure On-Prem Manager Imply Clarity Cloud Manager Manage Apache Druid Analyze Visualize Imply Pivot


Imply Pivot is an intuitive UI to create ad-hoc visualizations through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Pivot is most commonly used for operational analytics.

Every visualization is fully interactive and supports drill downs
Updates occur in real-time with new incoming data
Alert on custom-defined changes in data
Create and share drag-and-drop dashboards


Apache Druid (incubating) is a columnar store built expressly for real-time analytics at petabyte scale.

Druid is a powerful open source real-time analytics database created by Imply’s founders
It combines the best of data warehouses, time-series DBs, and log search systems
You can ingest millions of events per second and issue sub-second queries on petabytes of data
It integrates directly with Kafka, Kinesis, HDFS, S3, and more


Imply makes managing, deploying, and monitoring clusters easy.

Imply Cloud: fully managed Imply clusters for AWS
Imply Manager: one-click cluster deployments and updates for any *NIX-based environment
Imply Clarity: performance analytics and monitoring for Druid


Imply Security provides enterprise-grade protection to data at rest and in motion.

Row, column, and table level security
Role-based access control
TLS mutual authentication for end-to-end protection
Comprehensive audit logs for all activities

Leading enterprises use Imply and Druid

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