The analytics database when real‑time matters.

From the original creators of Apache Druid, Imply is the easy way to get Druid's real-time speed for real-time data at scale. All of its performance, made simple.

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Atlassian Twitch Sift Salesforce 41 Citrix


Responds in sub-second

Query millions to trillions of high-dimensional and high-cardinality data with instant results. Our unique architecture makes analytics queries really fast at scale.

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“We are able to scale datasources to trillions of rows and still achieve query response times in the 10s of milliseconds.”
Ben Sykes Sr. Software Engineer, Netflix


Stays fast under load

Handle 1000s of queries per second with an ultra efficient architecture that minimizes computation - and keeps the costs down - and easily scales to 10s of 1000s of nodes.

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“Today we see about 70,000 active users on the platform with about four million queries a day against Apache Druid.”
Jeremy Woelfel Principal Engineer, Target


Powers real-time insights

Unlock true stream potential with query-on-arrival for every event - even millions of events per second - through our native integration to Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis.

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“Druid also has this native Kafka integration out of the box... we don’t even need any sort of connector or anything to make Apache Kafka and Apache Druid work together.
It just works.”
Harini Rejendran Software Engineer, Confluent


Complements what you have

Deliver the best performance for the money and eliminate bottlenecks and missed SLAs with the right database for the job.

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Vibrant developer community

Doing open source the way it’s meant to be. We’re developers for developers. Connect with us and others or just tune into our podcast “Tales at Scale”.

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Imply is the easiest way to build with Druid through our cloud service and committer-driven expertise.
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