Unleashing Real-Time Analytics in APJ: Introducing Imply Polaris on AWS AP-South-1

Aug 10, 2023
Matt Morrissey

Imply, the company founded by the original creators of Apache Druid, has exciting news for developers in India seeking to build real-time analytics applications. Introducing Imply Polaris, a powerful database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) built for Apache Druid, now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the AWS Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region.

Over a thousand organizations have already embraced Druid as their preferred real-time database, benefiting from its unparalleled capability to deliver interactive data experiences from streaming data, providing instant insights to users both within and outside the organization. Notably, Paytm, India’s largest mobile payments, commerce, and financial service platform, successfully leveraged Druid with Imply to develop a petabyte-scale analytics application, achieving an impressive 50% infrastructure cost savings.

Committed to Indian Data Sovereignty

As developers in India, data sovereignty holds immense significance. Imply Polaris is a testament to our commitment in supporting this preference, offering seamless analytics application development in a matter of minutes. Developers can bid farewell to infrastructure worries as Imply Polaris presents a fully managed cloud service, empowering them with unmatched flexibility and scalability.

Swift Onboarding, Immediate Insights

Building real-time analytics applications has never been more straightforward. Developers can easily sign up for a free account and, within seconds, be ready to load data and extract valuable insights. Polaris seamlessly supports data streams from Confluent Cloud, Apache Kafka, and Amazon Kinesis, dynamically scaling data ingestion resources to match the actual event flow. Individual or bulk events can be effortlessly pushed from applications using a simple REST API, eliminating the need to manage a separate streaming service.

High-Performance, Zero Hassle

Imply Polaris ensures developers achieve the full potential of Druid’s performance without operational complexities. Sizing, scaling, and upgrades are handled by Imply, allowing developers to benefit from automated tuning and configuration best practices backed by over a decade of operational expertise. Guided by expert advice, building the right data model for applications becomes a breeze, and auto-compaction keeps data layouts optimized over time. Curated dashboards provide easy monitoring of performance, ensuring developers stay on top of their queries.

Rock-Solid Foundation, Available Across Multiple AWS Regions

Imply Polaris takes care of the essentials—availability, disaster recovery, and security. Expanding across five AWS regions—us-east-1 (N.Virginia), us-west-2 (Oregon), eu-central-1 (Frankfurt), eu-west-1 (Ireland), and ap-south-1 (Mumbai)—Imply offers developers the freedom to choose the region(s) that best align with their requirements.

With this expansion across multiple regions, Imply Polaris ensures availability in regions where data is located, optimizing network costs, reducing expenses, and maximizing performance. This approach streamlines data transfer and simplifies the setup of private connectivity. Furthermore, developers can comply with data regulations and sovereignty requirements by processing and storing data in regions that adhere to specific guidelines.

Data Visualization at Your Fingertips

Imply Polaris empowers developers with a single click to display ad-hoc queries across trillions of events, offering dynamic visualization capabilities to drill down rapidly into granular details. The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality enables effortless data slicing and dicing. Developers can seamlessly embed visualizations directly into their applications for a seamless user experience. Alternatively, they can use the Polaris API with popular visualization tools like Tableau, Looker, Grafana, Superset, and more.

Join the Real-Time Analytics Revolution

Imply Polaris on AWS in India is our commitment to enabling global and local companies to harness the true potential of real-time analytics. Empowering a data-driven future, developers can extract invaluable insights from their data like never before. The journey to innovation begins now, and Imply Polaris is here to elevate analytics capabilities. Embrace the revolution and unlock real-time insights that power success!

Learn more and get started for free!

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Imply Polaris—no credit card is required!  Or want to learn more?  Check out the Imply Polaris quick start demo or a tutorial that steps through the process from setup to visualization.

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