Dec 6, 2022

Ingestion from Amazon Kinesis and S3 into Imply Polaris

Imply Polaris, the fully managed real-time analytics Database-as-a-Service continues to expand in capabilities. Two of these capabilities are real-time data ingestion from Amazon Kinesis and historical batch ingestion from Amazon S3.

Amazon Kinesis is the popular serverless data streaming service for Amazon Web Services. Imply Polaris can natively ingest data from a Kinesis stream by reading data from a connection. To create a connection, users only need to grant a few standard IAM permissions and provide the stream name and endpoint. You can even choose whether to ingest from the earliest or latest point in the stream.

Ingestion from Amazon S3

For batch-based analytical use cases, such as evaluating results with a large amount of historical data, Imply Polaris supports native ingestion from Amazon S3. Similar to ingestion from Kinesis, users only need to grant a few IAM permissions to create a connection to an S3 bucket. From there, Imply Polaris can ingest batch data using the brand new, lightning fast, multi-stage query engine for ingestion.

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