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For the best of performance, flexibility, and ease, Imply Pivot is a simple “no-code” engine to visualize data and embed analytics into applications. Druid also has a SQL JDBC driver for visualization tools like Superset or custom UIs.

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Imply Pivot for Apache Druid

Imply Pivot is a powerful, intuitive, and easy to use visualization engine designed to harness the performance of Apache Druid. Easily deliver the final mile for analytics applications with beautiful and interactive visualizations.

Deliver an interactive data experience

Start exploring even if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for. Zoom in and out in seconds across datasets of trillions of events. Maintain a birds-eye view with the flexibility to drill drown on granular details. Spot a trend? Slice and dice data through drag-and-drop fields make it easy to follow your instincts.

Everything is instant. Query results are automatically updated as fresh, streaming data is ingested.


Enable any number of users

Support more end users with up-to–the second views of data. Self service drag and drop analytics make it easy for anyone to explore and visualize data.

Unlike traditional BI tools that require pre-aggregated data for static dashboards, Pivot allows analysts to encode ideas and truths about the data (what are the KPIs? What is changing in our data?) and easily share them with a broader team. Analysts and non-technical business users can easily drag, drop, and drill down to have live conversations with data, while technical analysts can use the full power of SQL plus visualization.


Extend insights to your customers with ease

Accelerate the application development process with everything your team needs to share interactive insights under your brand. Create analytics applications in minutes for immediate, flexible, and contextual exploration.

With a suite of fully customizable visualizations from starbursts to heatmaps, drag-and-drop simplicity, and white labeled branding, you can create the exact interactive experiences you want.

“Imply Pivot allows end users to run queries without a single line of SQL. You can drop a field and it will generate a query for you.”
Jonathan Kaplan  |  Data Infrastructure Engineer, Iron Source

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