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Real-time analytics at Charter

by Jacob Ferlin · Agustin Schapira · in User stories · November 9, 2020

Under the leadership of Group Vice President Michael Baldino, the Data Platforms team has led the vision, security, and daily operations for the customer-experience-focused platform. During its formative years, the Data Platforms team explored multiple options for providing real-time data. Ultimately the decision to develop a custom solution worked very well and would likely be in use today, had we not reevaluated Druid and Imply Cloud.

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TrueCar selects Imply Cloud as their self-service analytics platform

by Rick Bilodeau · in User stories · October 28, 2020

TrueCar, the leading automotive digital marketplace will use Imply to unlock insights from digital interactions, improve services with increased agility, and deliver a higher quality experience.

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Community Spotlight: Innowatts provides AI-driven analytics for the power industry

by Matt Sarrel · in User stories · September 30, 2020

Innowatts provides an AI-driven data analytics SaaS platform for power utilities and retailers worldwide. Customers rely on Innowatts and the 40 million plus meters they are managing for the data needed to be more predictive, proactive and connected to their customers and ratepayers, helping them better manage risk, improve profitability, maintain grid reliability and anticipate sustainability trends.

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Real-time data and analytics for fantasy sports

by Pradip Thoke, Dream11 · in User stories · September 17, 2020

Dream11, India's biggest fantasy sports platform, serves over 2.5 million concurrent users and handles 40 million requests per minute. Learn how Imply helped them achieve operational data excellence through a new in-house analytics platform.

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Combating fraud at Ibotta with Imply

by Jaylyn Stoesz, Ibotta · Laura Reamey, Ibotta · in User stories · September 9, 2020

For years, fraud was primarily a game of strategy. Fraudsters sought to disguise their true intentions and fraud prevention was an art of detection. Today, fraud is still a game of wits but it has also evolved into a game of speed and volume. The advancement of technology and explosion of e-commerce has had a compounding effect.

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How Adikteev helps customers succeed using self-service analytics

by Margot Miller, Adikteev · Loic Anton, Adikteev · in User stories · August 20, 2020

Adikteev is the leading mobile app re-engagement platform for performance-driven marketers, and is consistently ranked in the top 5 of the Appsflyer Performance Index. This post discusses how we use Imply to react in real-time to live data from diverse sources to gain actionable insights, thereby improving customer mobile app engagement and making our customer success managers more productive.

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Druid @ Zscaler - A Retrospective

by Subramanian Srinivasan, Zscaler · Kevin Fletcher, Zscaler · in User stories · July 8, 2019

This document outlines the journey Zscaler made in building Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) and focuses on the analytics component of our solution. We will discuss some of our early requirements, why we picked certain technologies, such as Druid/Imply, and how we run things today.

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Interactive Analytics at MoPub (Twitter): Using Druid and Imply to Query Terabytes of Data in Seconds

by Rick Bilodeau · in User stories · July 5, 2019

MoPub, a Twitter company, has just launched a new solution called MoPub Analytics based on Apache Druid and using Imply Pivot as the drag-and-drop UI. The solution allows users to determine the root cause of new data trends by interactively analyzing the data across many different time slices, dimensions, and metrics.

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How WalkMe uses Druid and Imply Cloud to Analyze Clickstreams and User Behavior

by Yotam Spenser, WalkMe · in User stories · April 3, 2019

WalkMe uses Imply Cloud to monitor behavioral analytics for its leading Digital Adoption Platform.

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Using Druid to fight ad fraud

by Raigon Jolly, TrafficGuard · in User stories · February 27, 2019

TrafficGuard helps some of the world’s biggest digital advertisers and agencies protect their ad spend from fraud. Our clients need access to reliable reporting in real-time to allow them to optimise their ad campaigns with current insights.

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Why GameAnalytics migrated to Apache Druid, and then to Imply

by Ramón Lastres Guerrero, GameAnalytics · in User stories · February 14, 2019

At GameAnalytics, our user base has grown several times over in the past 12 months, and this growth has promoted us to rethink our user experience analytics system.

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Kappa architecture at NTT Com: Building a streaming analytics stack with Druid and Kafka

by Paolo Lucente, NTT · in User stories · January 8, 2019

One of the key activities at the heart of any internet backbone is flow analytics, which enables visibility into global traffic for many technical, economical, and security use cases. By providing real-time traffic visibility and rapid explanation capabilities for this data, we unlock tremendous business value for the whole organization.

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Modernizing Rubicon Project’s Analytics Stack for Programmatic Advertising

by Ken Lin · in User stories · October 22, 2018

Rubicon Project, one of the world’s largest digital advertising exchanges, has modernized their analytics stack with Druid and Imply.

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