Project Shapeshift | Milestone 1 Event

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Project Shapeshift Milestone 1 Event Recap:

  • Introduction of a cloud database service built from Apache Druid with a bunch of extra goodies for ingestion, queries, ops, and more 
  • Private preview of a major architectural expansion for Apache Druid that’ll make Druid the easiest and most capable database for analytics apps
  • Demos and demos…and even more demos

Introducing Imply Polaris

The easiest real-time database for modern analytics applications, built from Apache Druid and delivered as a fully-managed DBaaS

  • No infrastructure to worry about
  • Get all the performance without the effort
  • Everything you need in a single UI
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Multi-Stage Query Engine

A major architectural expansion for Apache Druid that’ll improve long-running queries, data ingestion, and fine-tuned control of cost vs performance for queries.

  • Reducing bottlenecks, no traffic jams!
  • Reimagining ingestion and external data
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What is Project Shapeshift?

A strategic initiative that reimagines the Druid experience in a cloud-first, developer-centric world.

Over the next twelve months, Imply will announce major capabilities designed to tackle and solve the most pressing issues that organizations face when building analytics applications.

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“We are now at an inflection point with the adoption of Apache Druid, at the cusp of every organization realizing the new ability – and thus new competitive imperative – to build modern analytics applications.  It’s now time to take the Druid experience to the next level.”

Fangjin Yang

CEO and Co-founder, Imply