Project Shapeshift

A strategic initiative that reimagines the Druid experience in a cloud-first, developer-centric world.

Bringing Modern Analytics Applications to Every Business

Over the next twelve months, Imply will announce major capabilities designed to tackle and solve the most pressing issues that organizations face when building analytics applications.

Milestone 2: Virtual Event

Imply has reached Milestone 2 of Project Shapeshift, our year-long initiative designed to solve the most pressing issues that organizations face when building analytics applications. 

On September 20th, 2022 big things are coming for Apache Druid. Join us to see the results of Milestone 2 through customer interviews, lightboard sessions, and talks with the founders of Imply.


Unveiled at Druid Summit 2021

Gian Merlino, CTO and Co-Founder of Imply unveiled Project Shapeshift, a project that will radically simplify the Druid experience and extend the architecture to become an end-to-end solution for powering modern analytics applications.

“We are now at an inflection point with the adoption of Apache Druid, at the cusp of every organization realizing the new ability – and thus new competitive imperative – to build modern analytics applications. It’s now time to take the Druid experience to the next level.”
Fangjin Yang
Fangjin Yang  |  CEO and Co-founder, Imply


Enabling a true serverless and elastic consumption service designed for the public cloud.


Improving general ease of use across ingestion, queries, and overall cluster operations.

icon-complete and proven


Extend the architecture to be the one-stop shop for modern analytics applications.

Innovation Spotlight


Extending the powerful, yet simple SQL API

Imply will be extending the SQL API to simplify developer cycles, while retaining the core power of Apache Druid, making Imply the most developer-friendly database for analytics applications.

Introducing a multi-stage decoupled query layer

Imply will be undertaking a substantial architectural expansion, built on top of Apache Druid, to enable more flexibility and analytics capabilities for applications.   For developers and architects, Imply’s new integrated architecture will uniquely enable them to support all of their analytics requirements for their applications in one platform.

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