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The easiest real-time database for modern analytics applications, built from Apache Druid and delivered as a fully-managed DBaaS.

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Start building analytics applications in as little as five minutes. Get all the benefits of Apache Druid’s best-in-class speed, scale, and agility on a fully-managed cloud database as a service, designed by the open source project’s original creators.

No infrastructure to worry about

Forget the sizing and planning required to deploy and scale a distributed database.  It’s as simple as signing up and in seconds you’re ready to start loading data and extracting insights. 

  • Experience fully automated infrastructure provisioning, setup, and deployment
  • Dynamically scale data ingestion resources based on actual demand
  • Easily scale up or down your service with no disruptions
  • Get the latest features, best practices, and security patches with invisible updates
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Get all the performance without the effort

No need to spend your time learning the ins and outs of Druid to optimize performance.  Imply Polaris automates configurations and tuning parameters so you don’t have to bother with turning knobs.

  • Eliminate guesswork with a DBaaS that comes pre-tuned and automated for you based on a decade of accumulated best practices
  • Easily build the right Druid data model for your application to get the best performance out of your queries  
  • Minimize risk with data always replicated, backed up to S3, and encrypted with no operational effort
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Everything you need in a single UI

Start building your analytics application in minutes.  A built-in push-based streaming service via Confluent Cloud and visualization engine integrated into a single UI delivers what you need to start fast.

  • Manage all your workflows with a single UI for ease of use
  • Send your data with a built-in streaming ingestion service to meet any scalability requirement without the hassle of standing up a Kafka cluster
  • Take advantage of a powerful visualization engine without having to build your own custom application
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Imply maintains a number of industry certifications and attestations. Our Hosted and Enterprise solutions maintain active ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II compliance, as well as HIPAA compliance attestations. Visit our Trust Center for more information.

ISO 27001 Certification
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More than Druid in the Cloud

Imply Polaris Key Features

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Druid expertise and worry free maintenance.

“We chose Apache Druid to power our analytics application to get real-time traffic visibility across one of the world’s largest global tier-1 IP backbones. We are looking forward to deploying Imply Polaris to continue to get the interactivity we need on a simple cloud-based service without having to worry about maintenance.”

Paolo Lucente
Big Data Architect at the Global IP Network division of NTT Ltd

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