Eric Tschetter Joins Imply as Field Chief Technology Officer, Reuniting with the Other Original Authors of Apache Druid

Industry veteran rejoins collaborators to realize a shared vision for a complete, integrated architecture for modern analytics applications

Burlingame, CA — November 18, 2021 –, the most popular database for modern analytics applications, today announced the appointment of Eric Tschetter as field chief technology officer (CTO). This addition to the company’s executive management team brings together the power of all four original creators of Apache Druid® to realize a shared vision at Imply for creating a complete, integrated architecture for modern analytics applications.

Joining Fangjin “FJ” Yang in welcoming Tschetter to Imply are the other co-authors of Apache Druid: Vadim Ogievetsky, Imply co-founder and CXO; and Gian Merlino, Imply co-founder and CTO. In his role as Field CTO, Tschetter will be responsible for the identification and development of new strategic avenues to deliver value for Imply’s customer base.

“Reuniting Eric with the team is special since he wrote the very first lines of code for the open source Druid project. Being an original author of Druid also gives him an intimate understanding of Imply’s mission to make modern analytics applications ubiquitous in the modern enterprise,” said Yang, co-author of Apache Druid and CEO and co-founder of Imply. “This foundational knowledge will allow Eric to help companies who want to fully harness the power of Druid, gain new levels of internal insights and be able to extend insights to their customers.”

Tschetter was most recently a tech fellow at Splunk and previously a distinguished engineer for Yahoo, where he worked on analytics, data science and traditional BI. He has also worked with Tidepool, a diabetes data nonprofit, and was the vice president of engineering and lead architect at Metamarkets.

“Druid has always been developed through data-driven decision making. The first lines of code came about after implementing and using other available systems at the time. Each feature and function that has been added has been the result of looking at data to understand where the real issues lie,” said Tschetter. “Just as we’ve always used Druid to understand and make data-driven decisions, we’ve started to notice a trend in the usage of data: it’s becoming embedded into applications such that it’s no longer possible to differentiate analytics from product. I’m immensely excited to be able to contribute to this new world of applications, where analytics is seamlessly woven into the product experience.”

Imply is leading a massive industry movement where analytics is becoming an essential part of the software developer toolkit. Developers are building modern analytics applications that deliver interactivity at scale, high concurrency at the best price point and the ability to ingest from the new world of streaming data / data in motion. Imply makes it easy for organizations to build, monitor, manage and scale modern analytics applications. These applications provide real-time operational and business visibility into an organization’s internal applications as well as enable organizations to share analytics with customers.

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About Imply

Imply, founded by the original creators of Apache Druid®, develops an innovative database purpose-built for modern analytics applications. Imply is driving a new era in data analytics, called Analytics in Motion, where interactive queries, real-time and historical data at unlimited scale, combine with the best price/performance, to realize the full potential of data.

Imply has operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Bessemer Venture Partners, Tiger Global Management, Khosla Ventures and Geodesic Capital. For more information please visit


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