Amobee Scales Ad Analytics, Querying Trillions of Rows in Milliseconds

“Thanks to Apache Druid, we feel not only that we’ve caught up with our competitors–the likes of Adobe, Facebook, Snapchat, and Google–but we are poised to take it to the next level.”
Jeetal Shah  |  Director of Engineering  Amobee


Amobee provides end-to-end advertising campaigns and portfolio management across TV, digital and social media for some of the world’s largest brands. Since implementing Apache Druid, Amobee has been able to query data for any time period relevant to any market internationally, to have a fluid schema, and do all this at a reduced cost.



  • Subsecond query response times
  • Trillions of rows of millisecond-level data
  • Hundreds of concurrent queries

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Rakuten relies on Druid to Analyze Millions of Records per Second

Rakuten is an affiliate marketing company that helps users earn cash back by shopping through their site. As one of the biggest data-driven companies in Japan, Rakuten ingests and processes huge amounts of...

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Personalizing Travel: Expedia, Imply, and the Art of Segmentation

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Security at Speed: Why Ibotta Built Real-Time Fraud Detection on Imply

Ibotta, a free cashback rewards platform, chose Druid to power their multifaceted fraud prevention strategy that combines data from third-party vendors with Ibotta’s own data to make decisions about fraud...

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Walmart uses Apache Druid to Track Competitor Pricing in Real Time

Walmart chose Druid as part of their technology stack to track the pricing of their competitors in real-time. With Druid, latencies dropped to near subsecond levels while easily scaling to more than 1 billion...

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WalkMe Delivers Real-time Analytics for Digital Adoption Platform

WalkMe is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) pioneer that offers a 360-degree solution to leading organizations worldwide. WalkMe chose Druid to power their internal and external analytics applications, enabling...

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How NTT Powers Their Analytics Stack and Data Exploration with Imply

NTT is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. NTT Global IP Network (GIN) business unit chose Druid and Imply to power their analytics stack, unlocking new data exploration use cases...

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How Druid Provides Internet-Scale Observability at Netflix

Netflix built an observability analytics app powered by Druid, enabling them to monitor playback quality and ensure a consistently great user experience across all devices and operating systems.

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Yahoo uses Druid and DataSketches for Real-time Behavioral Analytics

As its audience and advertising data volumes grew, Yahoo faced increasing demand to make data more accessible, both to internal users and customers. To address the demand for data, the Yahoo team decided to...

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Imply and Druid: The Foundation of Splunk’s Real-Time Analytics Engine

Splunk is the world’s first Data-to-Everything™ Platform, designed to remove the barriers between data and action to turn data into doing for its 19,000+ customers. With Apache Druid and Imply powering...

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Adikteev Achieves Subsecond Latency for Customer Analytics with Imply

Adikteev designs and executes mobile marketing campaigns for their clients in order to boost app use and engagement. With Imply, built from Apache Druid, Adikteev created customer-facing dashboards that enable...

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GameAnalytics turns 57M Game Events per Day into Real-time Insights

GameAnalytics is the number one analytics tool for anyone building a mobile game, from indie developers and game studios to established publishers. The platform receives, stores, and processes game events from...

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PayPal chooses Druid to Optimize the User Journey with User Analytics

PayPal is an online payment system that enables individuals and businesses to send and receive money securely through its mobile app or website. PayPal uses Druid to analyze behavioral data generated from users...

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Paytm Built a PB-scale Analytics Application using Druid with Imply

Paytm, India’s leading financial services company, switched to Imply to support a powerful, cost-efficient application that enables hundreds of internal users to analyze customer behavioral data in real-time.

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How Charter Communications Improves Customer Experiences with Imply

Charter Communications is a leading broadband connectivity company and cable operator serving more than 30 million customers in 41 states through its Spectrum brand. Charter chose Druid and Imply as the foundation...

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Speed, Security, and Scaling: Why TrueCar Uses Imply + Druid

TrueCar is the most efficient and transparent way to find a car. TrueCar chose Druid and Imply to make their dashboards real-time, detect anomalies, and do so while minimizing engineering and operational overhead.

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Data for All: How Twitch Used Imply to Build Self-Service Analytics

As Twitch grew, the amount of data they received and the number of employees interested in using data grew rapidly. To continue empowering decision-making as they scaled, Twitch turned to Druid and Imply to...

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Sift: Achieving Real-Time Anomaly Detection with Imply + Druid

Sift is the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, empowering companies of all sizes to unlock revenue without risk. Sift chose Druid to power their automated monitoring tool, Watchtower, a system that would use...

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Citrix uses Druid to Prevent Security Threats in Real-time

Citrix is a digital workspace platform that gives employees everything they need to be productive in one unified experience while arming IT with the visibility, simplicity, and security needed to enable and...

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Atlassian Switches from PostgreSQL to Druid for Customer Analytics

Atlassian is a software company with a suite of products designed to enable collaboration among software developers, project managers, and other software development teams. Atlassian chose Druid to power their...

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How Poshmark Uses Druid to Monitor Their Platform in Real Time

Poshmark is a leading social marketplace for buying and selling of second hand fashion and home goods. Poshmark's team chose Apache Druid to as the core of their analytics framework that lets users explore...

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Target and Apache Druid: Real-Time Analytics at Massive Scale

As a data-driven organization, US-based retailer Target needed a data analytics platform that could address the unique needs of each of its various business units, while scaling to hundreds of thousands of...

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Zillow Group

Zillow and Imply: Empowering Internal Users with Self-Serve Analytics

As the most-visited real estate website in the United States, Zillow and its affiliates offer customers an on-demand experience for selling, buying, renting and financing with transparency and nearly seamless...

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Blis+Imply: Real-Time Analytics for Adtech—At Massive Scale

Blis is an integrated advertising planning and buying platform that delivers scaled, relevant, and high-performing audiences to the world’s top brands and media agencies. Blis chose Imply to implement real-time...

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Pinterest and Druid: Optimizing Advertising for 400 Million+ Visitors

Pinterest chose Druid to power Archmage, their real-time analytics application that enables advertisers to effectively reach over 400 million people who use Pinterest every month.

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Cisco Thousand Eyes

Cisco ThousandEyes and Druid: Visualizing and Mapping Network Data

Cisco ThousandEyes enables organizations to visualize networks, surface insights, and collaborate with service providers to solve problems. To quickly analyze network device issues, ThousandEyes built an analytics...

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Scale, Streaming, and Subsecond Queries: Confluent and Apache Druid

Confluent is a full-scale data streaming platform that enables its customers to easily access, store, and manage data as continuous, real-time streams. Confluent turned to Druid because their existing NoSQL...

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How Apache Druid and Imply Helped Orb Scale Their Usage-Based Billing Platform

Orb, a modern billing engine purpose-built for companies with complex pricing models, overcame database challenges and achieved significant success with Apache Druid and Imply. Facing scalability issues with...

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Salesforce Chooses Apache Druid For Their Edge Observability Platform

To ensure a consistently great experience for more than 150,000 customers around the globe, Salesforce built an observability application powered by Druid. Now, Salesforce is able to obtain data-driven insights...

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Nielsen Marketing Cloud

How Nielsen Marketing Cloud Uses Druid to Analyze Audience Trends

Nielsen Marketing Cloud provides a way to profile the various audiences that marketers and publishers would like to target on digital media, activate via various ad networks, and then gain insights on ad performance....

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Ippen Digital

Ippen Digital + Imply: A Foundation for Mission-Critical Analytics

Ippen Digital offers an integrated platform to aggregate content, drive subscription growth and manage advertising across a broad range of digital content. Ippen Digital chose Apache Druid and Imply to achieve...

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Iron Source

ironSource + Imply: Codeless Queries and Interactive Dashboards

As the leading business platform for the app economy, IronSource provides an array of services to monetize and scale applications, all using streams powered by Confluent and real-time dashboards powered by...

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Reddit Analyzes Advertisement Data in Real Time Using Druid with Imply

Reddit generates tens of gigabytes of event data per hour from advertisements on its platform. To let advertisers both understand their impact and decide how to target their spending, Reddit needed to enable...

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