Imply Polaris is now on Microsoft Azure

May 07, 2024
Adhip Gupta

We are thrilled to announce that Imply Polaris is now available on Microsoft Azure! Now, organizations can power their real-time analytics applications with Druid-powered Polaris clusters hosted in Microsoft Azure. This marks a significant milestone in our journey to meet the demands of Azure-first customers requesting a fully managed Druid as a Service offering.

Why are organizations choosing Polaris to build real-time analytics applications?

Customers building real-time analytics applications in the cloud for IOT monitoring, security analytics and observability solutions need a highly performant and resilient platform at reduced cost.  Polaris is an easy to use, secure and scalable data platform that makes it an attractive option for businesses seeking efficiency.

Polaris provides the performance advantages of Apache Druid in a hassle-free, fully managed cloud environment. This ‘easy button’ for Druid offers seamless data ingestion and visualization capabilities, enabling users to derive valuable insights within minutes, without the complexities of infrastructure setup. Additionally, Polaris ensures end-to-end data management with automatic tuning and continuous upgrades for optimal performance at every stage.

What’s New?  Polaris is now fully integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem

Polaris on Azure is designed with Azure and its customers in mind. Building upon the cloud-native principles that have made Polaris a popular choice on AWS, we’ve expanded our offerings to Azure, which enables Microsoft customers to harness the power of Polaris within their Azure environment.

With Polaris on Azure, users can create Polaris clusters, ingest data, and perform queries—all within the Azure ecosystem.  Polaris integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s extensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, including databases, data Lakes, and Streaming services to provide a unified analytics experience.

Azure Marketplace

Imply Polaris will be published and available on Azure Marketplace as a SaaS Pay-as-you-go offering. You can subscribe to Polaris from the Azure Marketplace and manage it there. We have also partnered with Microsoft to cater to customers that have committed spend contracts with Microsoft to count Polaris usage against it.

  • Integrated billing through Azure: Polaris usage will now be a line item in your Azure invoice.
  • Deduct Microsoft Azure committed spend: Allows you to deduct Polaris usage from their Microsoft Azure Committed Spend ( MACC ).

Azure Data Services

We have extended Polaris’ capabilities by integrating it with various Azure batch and streaming data services. This integration will help you connect to and ingest data into Polaris quickly.

We are constantly developing and expanding with future integrations coming with Azure Data Factory and Azure IoT Hub.

Azure Entra ID

Azure Entra (formerly Azure Active Directory) is a popular Identity Provider (IdP) among Microsoft customers, responsible for managing and verifying users. It authenticates users and provides secure access to various applications and resources. Microsoft Entra ID credentials can be used to authenticate and log in to a Polaris account.

Azure Regions

Polaris will be first launched in the Azure EastUS and Azure Germany West Central regions. With additional regions coming in the US, EMEA and APAC.

The journey never ends.  Making Polaris the fastest path to real-time analytics  

From Day 1, Imply Polaris was designed to deliver the fastest path for building real-time analytics.  

I’m excited to share that Polaris has experienced remarkable growth over the past year.  We’ve seen a 3x increase in the number of customers leveraging Polaris for real-time analytics applications, accompanied by a 3.5x surge in the volume of data stored within the platform. To meet the growing demand, we’ve expanded Polaris to five regions on AWS.

Furthermore, our recent expansion to Azure, coupled with seamless integration into the Azure ecosystem of services is primed to accelerate this growth even further.  By extending Polaris to Azure, organizations can use Polaris across leading cloud providers and have the flexibility to support their multi-cloud strategies.  Azure support gives them even more choice, with a cloud database built to power real-time analytics applications.

As we continue to evolve and expand Polaris, we remain committed to delivering a powerful, user-friendly platform for real-time analytics across cloud environments. 

Get Started with Polaris on Azure

We are very excited for you to be part of our journey with Azure! Contact us to get your 30-day free trial of Polaris on Azure.
If you have questions or want to learn more, set up a demo with an Imply expert. We’re here to help you make the most of Imply Polaris for your real-time analytics needs.

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