Announcing Imply 3.0

Jul 15, 2019
Vadim Ogievetsky

We are delighted to announce that Imply 3.0 is now available! Imply 3.0 is based on Apache Druid 0.15 and contains many usability features that extend beyond that release. Imply 3.0 also brings back “Imply Pivot” as the name of our lightning-fast visualization UI, as well as sneak previews of the upcoming on-prem Imply Manager and Imply Alerts functionality.

This post will walk you through the new capabilities in Imply 3.0.

Don’t miss the Imply 3.0 webinar

I will be hosting a webinar on July 30 about Imply 3.0 if you would like to get into more detail about the release, or “ask me anything”.

All new Druid console

Druid’s early focus on performance means that some things are more difficult than need be. As part of an effort to make Druid more user-friendly, we developed the Druid console, an internal management console for Druid. Imply integrates tightly with the Druid console and augments it with monitoring and management capabilities.

In particular, we have stripped out the Data Loader we had previously introduced in the Imply distribution, and released it as part of open source Druid 0.15.0.

Within the Imply 3.0 distribution, the console is embedded within Pivot to provide a way for your users to access the Druid console while taking advantage of Imply’s role-based security.

Streaming data loader

The Imply distribution of Druid is always a bit ahead of the community release. In this release we have built on top of the batch data loader added in Druid 0.15.0, adding a streaming component.

The streaming data loader lets you sample, build schema, tune, and ingest Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis streams via an iterative point and click wizard.

This video will provide a quick walk through of the data loader using Kafka.

Imply Alerts (preview)

Imply 3.0 includes a preview of Imply Alerts. With Imply Alerts you can define threshold and percent change-based alerts and get real-time notifications via a number of channels, such as in-product (shown below), email and webhooks to 3rd-party applications. The Imply Alerts docs provide some detail on the functionality.

To request access to this preview, Imply customers can contact their customer success manager. Druid users who wish to check out Alerts, should complete the contact us form on the Imply website.

Imply On-prem Manager (preview)

Following the success of Imply Cloud, we are introducing Imply Manager for on-prem cluster management. Imply Manager takes care of the complexities of cluster deployment in whatever environment you choose. You can monitor, scale and upgrade your cluster faster and with less chance of error. Watch this video for a quick walk-through.

Imply customers can contact their customer success manager to request access to this preview. Druid users who wish to check out Imply Manager should complete the contact us form form on the Imply website.

Filter by Measure

It is now possible to add a filter on an aggregated measure (a HAVING style filter).’

Crosstab (experimental feature)

You can now visualize the relationship between two variables with Pivot’s new crosstab functionality. You need to enable experimental features in Settings in order to see it.

Bubble chart

Last but not least, we have added bubble charts to Pivot to simplify visualization of three dimensional data.

Don’t miss the Imply 3.0 webinar

If you missed it above, I will be hosting a webinar on July 30 about Imply 3.0 if you would like to get into more detail about the release, plus “ask me anything”.

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