Imply Cloud

Managed Imply clusters in the cloud.

Simple operations for Druid and Imply

Imply Cloud is a full-stack solution provided as a managed service for Amazon Web Services. We deploy software into your AWS account and help you manage it. You own the data.

Imply Cloud advantages

  • Provision, scale, tune and terminate clusters through a simple point-and-click interface.
  • Issue rolling updates with a single click without disrupting end user queries.
  • Easy access to Imply’s entire product suite.
  • Autoscale based on load (coming soon!)

Druid and so much more

Druid is built to ingest millions of events per second and store trillions of rows, while still serving sub-second queries. Imply offers an enterprise solution with Druid as the engine.

Additional capabilities

  • Imply Pivot, a powerful UI for data exploration and ad-hoc analytics.
  • Imply Clarity, a DevOps and performance analytics tool to monitor and optimize Imply cluster operations.
  • Imply Security, an enterprise-grade security framework for your Imply stack.
  • Imply Manager, a cluster manager and deployment tool.

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Enjoy this walk-through of Imply Cloud, including provisioning, use and maintenance.

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