Aug 23, 2017

Announcing Imply 2.3: An Integrated Platform

Imply 2.3 is one of our most feature packed releases and contains a brand new user interface, new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Read on to learn more about this release!

New home screen

The first thing you’ll notice with the new release is the new home screen.
From the home you can access all the Imply apps, including Pivot and our new SQL interface. Watch this space for more apps – we have a lot of exciting new capabilities coming on our roadmap.

SQL interface

Our new SQL interface allows you to quickly write SQL queries using everyone’s favorite query language.

You can also click on the columns to expand schemas or include them in the SQL syntax.

User access, sharing, and favorites

Sharing and collaboration is a key feature we hope to improve with every new release. In 2.3, we’ve reworked Pivot’s home screen so you can now easily star your favorite data cubes and dashboards.

Due to popular demand, we’ve expanded Pivot’s security capabilities, and it is now possible to assign fine grained access permissions for viewing and modifying data cubes and dashboards.Never have other people mess up your beautifully arranged dashboard tiles again!

We have also made Pivot’s stateful URLs much shorter for easy sharing
though your favorite communication channels.

Grid visualization

With the highly-requested grid visualization, you can now visualize a cross of two dimensions in a two dimensional grid.

Dashboard improvement

We’ve improved Pivot’s dashboarding functionality.Most significantly you can now just drag to create a tile anywhere you want and then fill it with a visualization as you see fit.There are also a number of improvement to the filtering and a convenient button to bring you back to your dashboard after you expand a tile.


Make your data cubes and dashboards more distinct and recognizable by assigning them an individual theme.

Performance improvements

Imply 2.3 includes Druid 0.10.1, which includes numerous performance enhancements including:

  • Large performance improvements and additional query metrics for TopN queries
  • The ability to push down limit clauses for GroupBy queries
  • More accurate query timeout handling

We have also added an optional smart cache for Pivot that can utilize
memcached across all of your Imply servers, greatly improving Pivot’s performance.

Simply add:

  type: memcached
    - 'your.memcached.server1:11211'
    - 'your.memcached.server2:11211'

To get a fast performance boost.

Other New Features

In addition to the numerous features we’ve already mentioned, we’ve added the following:

  • Support for ingesting Protobuf data
  • A new Kafka metrics emitter
  • A new dimension comparison filter
  • Various improvements to Druid SQL

Getting started

You can get the latest version of Imply on our download page.To learn more, please see our documentation.Any feedback, bug reports and feature requests are always welcome -you can post them in our user group or contact us.

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