Lower the cost of running Apache Druid. Guaranteed.

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How It Works

1. Assess

We’ll look at your Druid cluster and identify ways to use less infrastructure (vCPU, memory).

2. Save

We’ll help optimize your infra-structure while keeping the performance fast.

3. Enjoy

Plus, you’ll get all the value of Imply for Druid so you can spend less time managing it.

Get more details about the Total Value Guarantee

Total Value Guarantee – Download PDF

With Imply, companies have reduced their infrastructure spend for Druid by 50%.

With the Total Value Guarantee, we commit to a lower total cost of ownership- measured across our subscription and infrastructure.

“With Imply’s expertise, we quickly resized our AWS VPC for open source Druid and reduced our infrastructure costs by half, more than covering the cost of Imply Enterprise. Even better, with Imply, cluster operations became point and click, requiring zero DevOps involvement, freeing up 12 hours of engineering hours a week”.

Ravi Maurya, Technical Lead, Paytm

Spend Less on Druid

Apache Druid might be free, but overprovisioned infrastructure can be costly. With Imply’s Total Value Guarantee, you can save big money.

…while gaining a Druid partner

A lower TCO with Imply means you’re not spending more overall to get all the value of Imply for Druid – so you can think of our software and expertise as effectively free!