Save time and money on your Apache Druid implementation

Identify your cost savings now

Lower your total cost of ownership to run Druid and get 24/7 support effectively for free. With Imply’s “Total Value Guarantee,” we stand behind it or will give you Imply for free.

How it works

Step 1. Assess Your Cluster

Simple and quick assessment to determine if you’re an qualified participant for the program.

Step 2. Save on Your TCO

Imply offers a guarantee that your TCO with Imply will be less than the TCO running Druid on your own.

Step 3. Enjoy Imply for Free

Take advantage of Imply’s cloud services and Druid expertise effectively for free.

Guarantee Details

Upon the completion of a free cluster analysis, Imply, at its discretion, will offer qualified participants a contract for Imply Enterprise Hybrid and support with guarantee terms. The terms will include a mutually agreed validation event and measurable unit of infrastructure to be evaluated within an agreed 30 day period.  

Following the signed contract, if the validation event determines that Imply is unable to lower the TCO for the customer, then Imply will provide the customer 12-months of free Imply Enterprise Hybrid and support. Comparative TCO will be limited to Imply costs and imputed infrastructure as qualified participant’s labor expense will be considered cost neutral (even if it is cheaper to run Imply vs Apache Druid).


  • Existing Apache Druid cluster in production
  • Signed mutual NDA
  • Completion of a free cluster analysis including all necessary information on Apache Druid cluster and usage including 1-days worth of data and baseline infrastructure usage (e.g., vCPU, memory, and storage)
  • Admission into this guarantee is at Imply’s discretion upon cluster analysis
  • Signed contract with mutually agreed upon scope and measurement criteria of the 30 day validation event
  • Any optimization recommendations will need to be implemented as part of the guarantee

Leading companies leveraging Apache Druid and Imply


“By using Apache Druid and Imply, we can ingest multiple events straight from Kafka and our data lake, ensuring advertisers have the information they need for successful campaigns in real-time..”

Cisco ThousandEyes

“To build our industry-leading solutions, we leverage the most advanced technologies, including Imply and Druid, which provides an interactive, highly scalable, and real-time analytics engine, helping us create differentiated offerings.”


“We wanted to build a customer-facing analytics application that combined the performance of pre-computed queries with the ability to issue arbitrary ad-hoc queries without restrictions.  We selected Imply and Druid as the engine for our analytics application, as they are built from the ground up for interactive analytics at scale.”



“Imply and Druid offer a unique set of benefits to Sift as the analytics engine behind Watchtower, our automated monitoring tool. Imply provides us with real-time data ingestion, the ability to aggregate data by a variety of dimensions from thousands of servers, and the capacity to query across a moving time window with on-demand analysis and visualization.”


“We chose Imply and Druid as our analytics database due to its scalable and cost-effective analytics capabilities, as well as its flexibility to analyze data across multiple dimensions. It is key to powering the analytics engine behind our interactive, customer-facing dashboards surfacing insights derived over telemetry data from immersive experiences.”


“Four things are crucial for observability analytics; interactive queries, scale, real-time ingest, and price/performance. That is why we chose Imply and Druid.”

Total Value Guarantee – Download PDF