Comparing Imply with Druid

Apache Druid (incubating) is a high-performance analytics engine to store and query high scale, real-time operational data. Imply is a technology company founded by the original team behind Druid, and provides an enterprise-ready, end-to-end analytics solution built on Druid. Imply developers contribute an estimated 80-90% of new code to the project.

Imply provides a complete solution around Druid

Imply provides numerous features and components bundled together in a complete product around the core engine.

Imply includes its own distribution of Druid to provide better support in production, and to ensure issues can be patched as fast as possible. Imply’s distribution is 100% compatible with open source Druid, and is usually a few patches ahead of the latest OSS stable release to include additional, but important stability patches and bug fixes.

Imply analytic modules

Imply includes several proprietary extension modules to Druid. These modules include:

Imply is continuously developing new extensions to extend Druid’s capabilities.

Point-and-click visualizations

Imply includes a powerful web-based user interface for creating ad-hoc visualizations, exploring data, and creating dashboards that collect multiple visualizations together. Unlike classical BI tools, Imply’s visualization tool doesn’t just create static dashboards and reports, it is designed to rapidly explain trends and anomalies in data, potentially saving hours of analysis time.

Easy data loading

Imply includes a data loader UI for easily adding new data to Druid from a variety of sources including Apache Kafka, HDFS, AWS S3, and AWS Kinesis.

Monitoring and performance analytics

Imply includes Clarity, a monitoring and performance analytics tool designed for Druid. Clarity can ingest every metric that Druid emits to help find bottlenecks in your cluster, explain worst performing queries, and help optimize your cluster to run at peak efficiency.

Security and user access control

Imply provides user access control through user roles, permissions, and external security integrations. Imply supports end to end data encryption, and Kerberos and LDAP integration for authentication.

Support, maintenance, and upgrades

Imply is fully supported by the original team behind Druid with guaranteed SLAs.

The team at Imply is available to help with maintenance, upgrades, discuss new use cases, and whatever else your organization requires to be successful.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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