Oct 28, 2020

TrueCar selects Imply Cloud as their self-service analytics platform

Today, we announced that TrueCar has adopted Imply Cloud as their self-service analytics platform.

If you haven’t yet heard of TrueCar, it’s a very cool company that has disrupted the car buying industry. Essentially, their goal is to make car buying efficient and transparent. They were pioneers in removing haggling from the buying process and providing a great online experience for the consumer, a far cry from what we’ve all experienced in the past.

While TrueCar is a digital native company, it was looking for a better way to analyze real-time clickstream data. It needed lower latency than was available from its existing data warehouse and business intelligence stack, plus the ability to scale economically while supporting analytics on large and growing amounts of streaming data.

With Imply in place, they intend to unlock insights from digital interaction data from their core services, improve their services with increased agility, deliver a higher quality experience, and ensure they are investing in the right areas of the TrueCar platform.

Their data architecture uses Amazon Kinesis and Spark Streaming for data ingestion and preparation, Imply Cloud for analytics and HDFS for deep storage. For the analytics interface they use Imply Pivot to power their real-time self-service data applications and connect Imply Cloud to Tableau for executive dashboards.

We’re so excited to welcome TrueCar to the Imply family. You can read the full press release here.

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