Apr 27, 2021

Imply’s real-time analytics maturity model to create better customer experiences

Imply’s real-time Druid database today powers the analytics needs of over 100 customers across industries such as Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, and Technology. We have observed that the majority of prospects that we talked to rely on hard to scale, difficult to maintain and expensive tech stacks to power their analytics.

As per Deloitte research:

“More than a decade after the concept of big data became part of the lexicon, only a minority of companies have become insight-driven organizations.”

It is not surprising that another study by MicroStrategy Global Analytics found out that:

“For 60% of Employees, It Takes Hours or Days to Get the Information They Need, While Only 3% Can Find Information in Seconds.”

Imply’s real-time analytics maturity model provides data and analytics leaders a framework to identify the level of sophistication their business intelligence and analytics initiatives must reach to support enterprise goals.

Imply’s real-time analytics maturity model depicts the journey from reactive – sense and respond use cases to proactive – predict, act and monetize use cases.
Real-time analytics journeys for most enterprises start on the far left. As the internal processes, data collection, data storage, and data processing capabilities mature, they keep moving towards the far-right.

The real-time analytics maturity model

A typical example of Stage 1: Manual Insights use case is ubiquitous excel based or ad-hoc Tableau or Google Analytics which is after the fact data analysis.

Whereas customers in Stage 5: Organizational Transformation are typically using the real-time data analytics pipeline to not only obtain the real-time intelligence on their user’s behavior, engagement and predict the next course of action but also to monetize these capabilities either by powering their core products with real-time analytics features or introducing a new set of products, services or features.

A typical Imply customer enters the real-time analytics journey at Stage 3: Diagnostic Analytics and graduates to Stage 4: Emerging Intelligence and Stage 5: Organizational Transformation within a year of going to production with Imply Druid.
By learning and adopting above mentioned real-time analytics framework, you’ll empower your teams and yourself to drive action at the right level for the stage you’re at.
Further, by transforming raw data to align with the strategic enterprise initiatives, you can grow and generate capital by unlocking new sub-second latency real-time analytics use cases which remained unsolved before.

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