Feb 23, 2017

Druid February Meetup Slides

Our last Druid meetup had great talks about how Druid is used at Branch, the ongoing work around better integrating Druid with the Hadoop ecosystem, and our current roadmap plans.

Using Druid at Branch

Biswajit Das, Principal Engineer

Branch provides deep linking infrastructure for mobile app developers to gain and retain users. Biswajit explained how they use Druid in production.

Druid and the Hadoop Ecosystem

Slim Bouguerra, Sr Software Engineer

Slim discussed how Druid integrates with the existing Hadoop ecosystem and the recent work that’s been done in this area.

Druid 0.10.0 and beyond roadmap

Gian Merlino, CTO at Imply, Druid PMC

Gian discussed the upcoming Druid 0.10.0 features and demoed Tableau integration with Druid.