Community Spotlight: Avesta powers next-generation applications with Apache Druid

May 25, 2021
Peter Marshall

Dharam Gajera works as a Data Engineer at Avesta Technologies in Ahmedabad, India and is a self-confessed “Druider”. He’s not new to Apache Druid – in fact, you may have heard him talking about how Avesta uses the Druid database during a recent virtual meetup. Despite his hands-on knowledge of Druid, he’s continually seeking the latest practical information on how he can improve implementation for Avesta’s clients.

When considering various real-time analytics solutions, Apache Druid quickly became the clear choice: Avesta uses only open-source products and libraries. And today, they’re using Druid as a central component in their cloud data platform to provide real-time analytics solutions to their clients.

“Druid has not only proven itself to be resilient and performant, but has also helped our clients save enormous amounts in cloud and licensing costs.”

Dharam’s team at Avesta is building next-generation applications to power interactive user interfaces, providing deep analytical insights to non-technical users: from real estate agents and brokers, to school administrators and teachers.

Powering these modern and user friendly dashboards are sophisticated data pipelines that utilize projects such as Prometheus and Apache Kafka to stream data into Apache Druid. For their user interfaces, they stay true to their open source philosophy with projects like Apache Superset and Grafana – adding custom bespoke user interfaces when the need arises.

They have been working with Druid for a while now (since 0.16) and chose it, in part, because of how it fits nicely into their numerous real-time data pipelines. The community of other knowledgeable “Druiders” helped them get through all their early struggles, offering their coaching and help as Druid was brought on-line. It was encouraging to hear how the Druid community channels were living the Apache Way: a place where “all individuals are given the opportunity to participate” no matter our individual “employment status or employer”.

Thanks so much to Dharam for sharing his story, and for continuing to be actively involved in meetups, and the ASF Slack channel! A true “Druider”!

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