Announcing Imply Polaris on Microsoft Azure: Elevating Real-Time Analytics for Developers

Jun 26, 2024
Matt Morrissey

Bringing Real-Time Analytics to Azure

At Imply, our mission is to empower developers and organizations to harness the power of real-time data. With Polaris on Azure, we meet our customers where their data resides, on their preferred cloud platform. This integration is a crucial part of our commitment to providing flexibility and support for multi- and hybrid-cloud strategies.

“With Polaris on Microsoft Azure, customers worldwide can more easily build premium-experience real-time analytics applications on Microsoft Azure,” said Alistair Spears, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Microsoft. “We are pleased to welcome Imply Polaris to the growing Azure ecosystem.”

Why Choose Imply Polaris?

Imply Polaris is a DBaaS built from Apache Druid, the leading real-time analytics database trusted by organizations like Confluent, Netflix, Target, and Salesforce. Druid excels in handling sub-second queries on vast amounts of streaming and batch data, processing hundreds to thousands of queries per second. Developers choose Imply Polaris for its ability to reduce time to market, enhance productivity, and lower operational costs.

Key Features and Benefits

Easy to Set Up

One of the biggest advantages of Polaris is its ease of setup. Start for free by simply signing up for an account. Within seconds, you’re ready to start ingesting data “as is.” 

Polaris automatically discovers the schema, including data fields and types, adjusting its tables as needed. Even better, when your data changes, Polaris updates its tables without reprocessing old data. 

This gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility to ingest data without planning ahead, like a flexible database, and the speed of a fixed database because Polaris smartly keeps track of data types and fields to optimize query performance 

Easy to Use via API & Built-in UI

Polaris is designed to be user-friendly, with developer-friendly APIs and built-in visualization tools. Once you’ve loaded your data, you can start using Polaris immediately. With just one click, Polaris can display ad-hoc queries across trillions of events, allowing you to drill down on any filter to view granular details quickly and flexibly.

The platform offers a rich selection of visualizations, which you can embed directly into your application to enhance the user experience, providing instant access to deep insights without requiring separate tools.

Fully Managed at Any Scale

Polaris eliminates infrastructure management hassles, offering auto-scaling, strategic support, and continuous updates. 

Scaling up and down is incredibly easy—you can do it with a single click to match the demands of your workload, all without downtime. There’s no need to worry about sharding or rebalancing. Additionally, Polaris provides bi-weekly auto-upgrades, ensuring you always have the latest features without any disruption. 

Cost Efficient

The managed operations of Polaris lead to significant cost efficiencies, with users seeing a 50-93% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This substantial cost saving makes Polaris not only a powerful tool but also an economically smart choice.

Secure & Resilient

Security and resilience are paramount in today’s data-driven world, and Polaris delivers peace of mind. It handles database management, including availability, disaster recovery, and security.

Certified and trusted by leading organizations, Polaris features identity and access control, data encryption, private networking, and a fault-tolerant design with zero downtime, backed by two availability zones, deep storage, and auto-upgrades.

Get Started with Polaris on Azure

Imply Polaris on Azure is now generally available, opening up new possibilities for developers and organizations seeking to leverage real-time data. Sign up for your 30-day free trial of Polaris on Azure.

If you have questions or want to learn more, set up a demo with an Imply expert. We’re here to help you make the most of Imply Polaris for your real-time analytics needs.

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