Apr 10, 2019

Announcing Imply 2.9

We are delighted to announce Imply 2.9 is now available! Imply 2.9 is based off of the just announced Druid 0.14. Druid 0.14 contains many new features, improvements, and bug fixes. This blog post will focus on the new Imply components and features not available in Druid 0.14.

Support for DataSketches everywhere

DataSketches is a powerful library for performing sophisticated aggregations. It contains many approximate queries for set analysis.
At Imply, we want to make sure that these features are supported throughout the stack. As such, I am delighted to announce that Data Sketches features are now natively supported by Imply Pivot and DruidSQL.

Management API

When it comes to scaling out Imply Pivot to tens of thousands of users, it is unwieldy to create all those users, roles, and any resources they require (data cubes, dashboards) by hand. With the management API, it is now possible to create an API token and then programmatically add those users and roles via RESTful endpoints.

Learn more about this feature.

User impersonation

When you are setting up a secure system with many diverse roles (perhaps created via the API), and also have many users, the best way to ensure that your users are getting the experience you expect is by seeing the product through their eyes.

With the new impersonation feature, any user with the ImpersonateUsers permission can experience the product as another user (of lesser or equal access level).

Learn more about this feature.

New unified Druid console

As noted in our Druid 0.14.0 announcement, we have unified the overlord and coordinator management consoles into a single console powered by DruidSQL systems tables. As a reminder, the Imply distribution of Druid has a more rapid release cycle than the Apache Druid releases. We pull in bug fixes and minor features and make them available in the Imply distribution months before they make it into the next Apache release.

Check out the console in the Imply distribution if you want to get an advanced preview of upcoming features of the Druid console, including:

  • Compaction editor
  • Lookup editor
  • SQL explain query
  • SQL documentation tooltip
  • Overlord dynamic property editor
  • Table column picker
  • And many more exciting features

Give Imply 2.9 a whirl today.

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