Mar 23, 2018

Announcing Imply 2.5

Imply 2.5 is now generally available and includes Druid 0.12, along with numerous new features.

Streaming data loader for Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis

We’ve been working hard improve the capabilities of our Kafka indexing service which now supports incremental handoffs, as well as decoupling the number of segments created by a Kafka indexing task from the number of Kafka partitions

We have also expanded the capabilities of our visual data loader, and have now added support for both Apache Kafka and AWS Kinesis You can now easily load a stream of data from both message busses through a point and click flow.


We have added a brand new visualization – Sunburst, also known as Donut Chart.

And with two dimensions:

Edit tiles without leaving the dashboard

Dashboard tiles are now easier than ever to create and edit – you can compose the entire visualization right from the dashboard view For an exploratory edit experience, click “Edit in data cube”.

Dashboard pages

It is now possible to create multiple dashboard “pages”. Pages allow you to group multiple dashboard views into a single dashboard, so that any user can easily switch between them.

Incremental scroll

We have revised the query system to support incremental queries, so that more data can be revealed as the user scrolls further. This allows us to significantly increase the limits on the nested splits, while decreasing the load on the cluster.

More efficient measure selection

Our new measure selector is meant to be simpler and more intuitive, especially for new users. As a bonus, there is more room for the dimension panel, making it easier to navigate data cubes with hundreds of dimensions.

Custom authentication

We made it possible to run Imply and manage access control via a custom security layer For more information check out this simple example.

Try it today

Imply 2.5 is available today. Stay tuned for even more features for Druid and Imply.

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