Join an enthusiastic group of 14,000+ community members who are looking to build, get support, help others, and have fun with Apache Druid.

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Druid Community Goals

Druid users are all across the world and our community embraces diversity and inclusion. Whether you’re just getting started or have been a long time Druid user, our community is here to support you on your journey!

Have a question?

Most discussions about Druid happen over Slack, GitHub, Google Groups, and the Apache Dev list. Feel free to ask any questions, get answers, or share a thing or two. 

If you have a more in-depth question then join us on Slack or the Druid Users Google Group. Many Druid community members – including the developer advocates and engineers at Imply – will be glad to review and answer with a timely response.

Free, online accreditation

Want to learn Druid from the ground up?  Imply provides a comprehensive Apache Druid training program including course material, hands-on labs, an examination and most importantly…badges for bragging rights!  

Our training portal covers courses for learning Druid. Start with Apache Druid Basics and continue with ingestion, data modeling, and performance tuning.

Apache Druid Basics Accreditation Program

Druid Audio Experience

Don’t have time for an online course? Check out the Druid podcast.  Tales at Scale is an exciting new community podcast for developers, engineers, and architects. With new episodes every two weeks and guests that include Druid users and engineers, it’s a fun way to learn at your own leisure.

Topics cover the full gamut of the data ecosystem tackling everything from architecture to open source, from scaling to streaming and everything in between.

Community Member Spotlight

These are just a few of the Druid users who have been really active in the community helping others in Slack, contributing code, and participating in Druid events. 

Samarth Jain

Software Engineer, Netflix

Harini Rajendran

Sr Software Engineer, Confluent

Jonathan Kaplan

DevOps Engineer, ironSource

Want to contribute?

Apache Druid is a community-led project and we are delighted to have anyone contribute for anything from minor fixes to big new features. If you’re looking for some starter projects, we maintain a list of simple projects suitable for new developers – or you can join in on code review of pull requests (even if you’re not a committer), feature suggestions, reporting bugs, documentation and usability feedback. 

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