Aug 31, 2020

Self Service Analytics at Twitch

As Twitch grew, both the amount of data we received and the number of employees interested in the data grew rapidly. In order to continue empowering decision making as we scaled, we turned to using Druid and Imply to provide self service analytics to both our technical and non technical staff allowing them to drill into high level metrics in lieu of reading generated reports.

In this talk, learn how Twitch implemented a common analytics platform for the needs of many different teams supporting hundreds of users, thousands of queries, and ~5 billion events each day. This session will explain our Druid architecture in detail, including:

-The end-to-end architecture deployed on Amazon that includes Kinesis, RDS, S3, Druid, Pivot and Tableau -How the data is brought together to deliver a unified view of live customer engagement and historical trends -Operational best practices we learnt scaling Druid -An example walk through using the platform