Sep 1, 2020

Enterprise Scale Analytics Platform Powered by Druid at Target

Target is one of the largest retailers in the United States, with brick-and-mortar stores in all 50 states and one of the most-visited ecommerce sites in the country. In addition to typical merchandising functions like assortment planning, pricing and inventory management, Target also operates a large supply chain, financial/banking operations and property management organizations. As a data-driven organization, we need a data analytics platform that can address the unique needs of each of these various business units, while scaling to hundreds of thousands of users and accommodating an ever-increasing amount of data.

In this talk we’ll cover why Target chose to create our own analytics platform and specifically how Druid makes this platform successful. We’ll cover how we utilize key features in Druid, such as union datasources, arbitrary granularities, real-time ingestion, complex aggregation expressions and lightning-fast query response to provide analytics to users at all levels of the organization. We’ll also cover how Druid’s speed and flexibility allow us to provide interactive analytics to front-line, edge-of-business consumers to address hundreds of unique use-cases across several business units.