Imply Videos

Dec 9, 2022

Realtime Product Observability with Druid

Statsig enables companies to run experiments so that they can understand the impact of the changes they are making to their product, and do in depth analysis so that they can understand how people use their product. Visualizing and analyzing data in real-time is an important functionality that we provide. Druid is a key component behind it that supports ingesting millions of events and serving live queries. In this talk, we will explain how Druid empowers us to achieve these product features.

In addition, we will also go through our journey of operating Druid in Kubernetes and how we brought Druid into production from scratch in just a few weeks. We will discuss the steps we took to make it production-ready internally, as well as how we make continuous improvements and upgrades to Druid while keeping internal developers and external users happy.