Imply Videos

Dec 9, 2022

Leverage Autonomous Intelligence Driven Decisions Without Using Dashboards

Customer Intelligence facilitates informed decisions to increase business efficiency and success. Out of The Blue™ (OTB) provides SaaS solutions that autonomously and continuously monitor KPIs to create actionable insights. Digital operations and product leaders use resultant intelligence to prioritize and focus on business objectives, capitalize on opportunities and resolve critical problems without having to initiate manual analysis or use dashboards.

This talk will also discuss how monitoring metrics help build an intelligence-driven organization, tactics successful organizations use, and the typical tooling challenges around getting this right.

Poshmark, a joint OTB and Imply customer, use OTB Perceive to validate the performance of internally driven actions like releases and promos and their adverse impacts on business performance. Autonomous analytics automatically identifies problems and their causes to facilitate rapid resolution.

You will learn:

  • Why Autonomous Customer Intelligence matters
  • Typical organizational and tooling challenges
  • How and why OTB uses Imply to generate Customer Intelligence, including detecting anomalous activity, and subtle and slow-changing trends
  • The benefits OTB’s customers realize