Jan 14, 2021

Building interactive data applications for event streams w/Confluent

Data applications let business users explore and investigate all of a company’s event data and come to insights that impact day-to-day and long-range decision making. They can be used to analyze business activity across a wide range of functions such as:

  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Product and website interactions
  • Application, network or service performance Supply chain activity
  • IoT data (e.g.predictive maintenance)
  • Fraud operations

Experts from Confluent, the leader in event streaming, and Imply, the leader in real-time analytics, will discuss:

  • Why data applications are the critical "last mile" for modern analytics, and the technology breakthroughs that have made them feasible
  • Where data applications fit in the analytics landscape, versus ML/AI, data science and business Intelligence
  • Current real-world examples of data applications and how they are driving business value
  • How to build a cloud-based streaming architecture to capture and surface fast-flowing data to businesspeople through a drag-and-drop analytics UI with sub-second query responses at scale