Sub-Second at Scale

Crazy fast performance in the real world, not just the lab.

Bring all the data and users you want. Druid handles it with the best economics.

  • Coordinated processing
  • Unique hybrid architecture
  • Efficient storage engine
Provide interactivity
on any data set
Bring on thousands
of concurrent users
Hyper growth
without hyper cost

Coordinated Processing

Ready to grow. And grow. And grow.

Druid attains sub-second response at any scale because it coordinates workloads with three scalable node types:

Data: manage manages ingestion and stores data
Query: process queries with massive parallelism
Master: manage overall health, including balancing data

Most analytics databases have only query nodes, leaving the rest of the management burden to you as your application grows.

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Unique Hybrid Architecture

Performance? Flexibility? Get both.

Druid’s sub-second performance is possible even with unlimited growth, thanks to a unique relationship between storage and compute. You get the query performance of local storage (shared nothing) with the flexibility of separate storage-compute.

Data is pre-fetched from deep storage to compute, meaning you never worry about a cache miss. Adding or removing nodes is simple, with no downtime or manual rebalancing.

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Efficient Storage Engine

Big power in a small package

Druid data segments are columnar, compressed, and automatically indexed so you get maximum performance with minimal effort and resources. With everything close together, traffic is minimized. Most Druid use cases involve massive amounts of read-only data organized by time – perfect for this efficient storage design.

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