Imply Polaris – Single Development Experience

Get one experience with no integrations to manage, data pipelines to build, or extra monitoring tools to deploy. Imply Polaris delivers everything you need to get started fast.

A single UI to build your application

From ingestion to visualization and everything in between, the Polaris UI will manage all your workflows.  Everything you need to build the best interactive analytics experience is at your fingertips.

  • Get started with no friction with a built-in push based data ingestion
  • Easily write and test out queries with an integrated SQL IDE
  • Gain immediate insights with a built-in visualization engine
  • Monitor your spend with metering and usage metrics

Built-in streaming ingestion service

Push-based streaming service via Confluent Cloud makes it easy to connect to streaming data. Simply send your data and meet any scalability requirement without the hassle of standing up a Kafka cluster.

  • Push individual or bulk events directly from your application with a simple REST API
  • Easily and securely send your data from anywhere, without having to manage firewalls or provide access to internal infrastructure 
  • Start small and meet any scalability requirement without the hassle of standing up or scaling a Kafka cluster
Streaming data pipeline image

Built-in interactive visualization

Take advantage of a powerful visualization engine without having to build your own custom application.  Zoom in and out across massive datasets and easily follow your instincts with drag-and-drop fields for slicing and dicing data.

  • Deliver immediate value to your end users without building a whole custom application
  • Enable interactive experiences and shift from dashboards taking minutes to refresh to near instantaneous
  • Enable your end users to easily understand what’s going by drilling down into data patterns the moment data hits Polaris

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