Imply Clarity

Monitor Druid performance. Pinpoint and resolve issues.

Performance analytics and operational visibility

  • Avoid flying blind in production.
  • Diagnose query and ingestion bottlenecks.
  • Measure end-user performance.
  • Optimize cluster footprint and cost.

Out of the box data cubes for key Druid metrics

  • Captures a complete set of variables that affect and constrain performance and availability of your Druid datastore.
  • Uses the Imply Pivot UI built expressly for Druid data.
  • Available within Imply Cloud and for on-premises Druid.

Slice, dice and drill down into performance issues

  • Query server metrics by data source, server, query properties and query ID.
  • Compute queries to examine data server performance.
  • Ingestion telemetry, JVM memory allocation, garbage collection and server errors.

Based on the fast and flexible Imply Pivot UI

  • Drag and drop queries and get instant response.
  • Chart type tuned to query parameters or customizable.
  • Set alerts for key performance conditions. (coming soon).

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