A complete solution around a powerful open engine


Collect all your event streams, logs, metrics, and telemetry data in one place, all in real-time.


Perform complex groupings, filterings, and aggregations on data at any scale.


Leverage full text search to find the exact subset of data you need to analyze.


Instantly explain why trends and anomalies occur in your data, and save hours of analysis.

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Onboard data from many sources

Directly load raw data from AWS S3, Apache Kafka, HDFS, AWS Kinesis, HTTP, local files, or your own custom system. Our data loader UI makes onboarding new datasets fast and painless.

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Issue analytic and search queries

Issue analytic queries with SQL or through a REST interface. Connect BI tools such as Tableau and Looker through JDBC. Issue full text search queries. Leverage our out-of-the-box app or build your own.

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Explore and visualize data

Use Imply to create ad-hoc visualizations through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Every visualization is fully interactive, and updates occur in real-time with new incoming data. Create and share dashboards.

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Explain patterns and trends

One-click to explain why trends and anomalies occur. Explain deltas in historical comparisons.

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Monitor and optimize performance

Get full visibility into your cluster with Clarity, Imply's monitoring tool. Track usage and performance, get the most from your hardware, and ensure production uptime for your apps.

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Secure and control user access

Imply supports end-to-end data encryption to ensure your data is safe. Integrate with external authentication systems such as LDAP, Kerberos, OAuth, and more.

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A complete solution around Druid

Druid is a high-performance analytics solution to store and query large volumes of real-time, complex, operational data. Druid's unique architecture combines the best of OLAP/analytic databases, timeseries databases, and logsearch systems to provide extremely low latency queries for analytics and search.

Druid is proven in production at thousands of companies, with the largest installations having more than 1K servers and supporting over 10M+ events per second. Druid enables orders of magntitude improvement on performance and efficiency versus traditional solutions.

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Imply Cloud is a managed service for Amazon Web Services. We deploy software in your AWS account and help you manage it. You own the hardware and the data.

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Download Imply On-prem

Download Imply as a tarball and install it in any *NIX environment. Not all Imply Cloud features are currently available in the download version.

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