The only complete Apache Druid solution

Imply combines Druid, a widely-adopted real-time analytics database, with Imply Pivot, an intuitive UI for operational analytics, Imply Clarity, a performance monitoring tool, Imply Manager, a cluster management service, and Imply Security.

Imply is available for deployment to your data center or in your AWS VPC as a managed service.

Druid is purpose-built for real-time analytics

Real-time analytics requires delivering queries instantly on fresh data, even with extremely large, dynamic data sets that have high dimensionality and cardinality.

Druid is an open source analytics database designed to store and query large volumes of real-time, complex operational data. It is in production at thousands of companies, with some installations spanning thousands of servers and supporting 10M events per second.

Outperforms data warehouses by orders of magnitude

Data warehouses are built to answer large, complex SQL queries, where speed is not the primary concern. When it comes to providing instant response to simpler, ad hoc queries that support data exploration, they are far too slow. That’s where Druid excels.

High-speed ingestion

Druid works out of the box with stream hubs (Apache Kafka, Kinesis), data lakes (HDFS, AWS S3), HTTP, local files, and more.

Ad-hoc analytics

Issue analytic queries using Druid SQL or a REST interface. Employ a Druid-optimized UI such as Imply Pivot for speed, or connect your existing BI tools such as Tableau or Looker for convenience.

Instant Response

Druid provides sub-second query response, at high concurrency, on fast-moving event-driven data to support ad hoc, exploratory analytics.

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Imply makes Druid enterprise-ready

Visualize: Imply Pivot

Say goodbye to refresh: Imply Pivot lets your users ask questions on their own terms, to explore, dig into, and generate insights from event streams. Imply Pivot is an intuitive UI enabling non-technical users to create ad-hoc visualizations through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Every visualization is fully interactive and supports drill downs.

Updates occur in real-time with new incoming data.

Alert on custom-defined changes in data.

Create and share drag-and-drop dashboards.

Manage: Imply Manager & Imply Clarity

Imply provides the tools for you to manage your cluster and analyze query performance easily. Whether your data is batch or streaming, you can easily set up and maintain your cluster, monitor real-time health and performance, and ensure production uptime.

Imply Manager: one-click on-premises cluster deployments, scaling and updates for any *NIX-based environment.

Imply Clarity: monitor, pinpoint and solve performance issues.

Secure: Imply Security

Imply Security provides enterprise-grade protection for data at rest and in motion.

Row, column, and table level security

Role-based access control

End-to-end data encryption

Integrate with LDAP, Kerberos, OAuth and more

Imply Cloud: Druid Performance with Cloud Time to Value

Combine the power of Druid with the ease and elasticity of the cloud, delivered as a managed service into your AWS VPC.

Includes Imply visualization, performance monitoring and security.

Manage clusters through a simple point-and-click interface.

Issue non-disruptive rolling updates with a single click.

Autoscale based on load (coming soon!)

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