As business shifts more and more to real-time everything, engineering and operations teams face mounting pressures to track and respond to every indicator and issue across increasingly complex application environments. A robust analytics solution for scaled operational visibility based upon streaming data is needed.

Together, Confluent and Imply provide a complete, cloud-native data architecture for developing real-time analytics applications to query and visualize critical metrics at scale including latencies, error rates, overall service health statuses, and more.

During this webinar and demo, we’ll walk you through:

  • The business need for a highly capable architecture for real-time observability and the benefits of building with fully managed cloud services
  • How to access and prepare operational data like logs, metrics, and traces as data streams with Confluent Cloud, a cloud-native and complete solution for Apache Kafka®
  • How to ingest, query and even visualize Confluent data streams in real time — and at any scale — with Imply Polaris, a fully-managed Apache Druid® service

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Engin Cukuroglu
Manager, Solutions Engineering
Ken Lee
Senior Sales Engineer

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