Apache Druid is more than your standard OLAP database; it’s a powerful, purpose-built platform tailored for the lightning-fast world of real-time analytics.

Whether you’re dealing with large datasets, streaming data, or complex event-driven scenarios, Apache Druid’s flexibility and scalability have you covered. If you’re ready to bid farewell to data latency, embrace agility, and build real-time analytics applications that 1) are cool and 2) drive real insights, join us for one of the newly revamped Tech Talks.

If you’ve got questions about:

  • How is Apache Druid different from a data warehouse?
  • How Druid compares to other analytics databases?
  • How can Druid help you build a better analytics app or improve one you’re working on?
  • Who else uses Druid and what are they building with it?

Join our developer experts as they walk through Druid’s story, showcase architectural case studies, highlight new Druid features and more:

29th November at 10am PT

13th December at 10am PT

Not seeing a time that works for you? Reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to set up a 1:1 session



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Sergio Ferragut
Senior Developer Advocate

Sergio Ferragut is a database veteran turned Developer Advocate at Imply. His experience includes 16 years at Teradata in professional services and engineering roles. He has direct experience in building analytics applications spanning the retail, supply chain, pricing optimization and IoT spaces. Sergio has worked at multiple technology start-ups including APL and Splice Machine where he helped guide product design and field messaging.

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