Join the Imply team for a Druid lunch & learn featuring local pizzas and beers! Our Druid Developer Advocate, Sergio Ferragut will be presenting an overview of how Druid integrates with Kafka and the various use cases it can enable. We will also have a customer speaker who will discuss how they’re using Druid to enable next-gen analytics to increase revenue and customer engagement. There will be time for Q&A and community discussion afterward as you enjoy your lunch. 

Lunch & drinks will be provided as well as parking.

Parking is located at 759 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308 – Purple Lot Midtown Atlanta (AT&T Parking Garage)

Apache Druid & Kafka – Real-time Analytics Session

Druid is a columnar, OLAP database that’s used to achieve low latency, interactive analytics off TBs-PBs of streaming + batch data. During this session, attendees will hear how and why hundreds of companies like Netflix, Reddit, Cisco, and Walmart built their modern analytics applications with Druid as their storage and query engine.

Topics will include:

  • IoT, customer behavior, logging, clickstream, ML/anomaly detection and fraud prevention use cases
  • How Druid is able to query data from Kafka and Kinesis streams so quickly
  • How Druid’s built to handle 100s-1000s of QPS
  • Druid demonstration via Imply Pivot UI

This is a past event.

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Sergio Ferragut
Developer Advocate, Imply Data
A highly experienced Data Analytics developer who regularly leads community sessions educating engineers, architects, and others on how Druid can unlock new potential analytics use cases.


Introductions, Pizza and Beer
Apache Druid & Kafka - Real-time Analytics w/ Q&A
Customer Speaker w/Use Case Deep Dive Session w/ Q&A
Networking, Pizza and Beer

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