Imply Polaris

Database Optimization

Automate instead of administrate. Switch out the knobs and tuning parameters for built-in best practices, protection, and security.  Get all the performance and availability out of Apache Druid without any of the effort. 

Minimize risk with built-in data protection

Imply Polaris takes on the hard parts of managing a database including availability, disaster recovery, and security. Data are always replicated, backed up to S3, and encrypted with no operational effort. 

  • Get automatic recovery from a failure with nodes replaced, balanced, and data automatically reloaded from cloud storage [S3]  
  • Protect and recover upon a disaster with simple, automated replication & backup to cloud object storage [S3]
  • Ensure compliance with SOC 2 Type 1 and HIPAA certification, automatic encryption of all data, and role-based access control
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Lose the tuning knobs and dials

We’ve eliminated the guesswork by removing hundreds of knobs and settings.  Based on a decade of accumulated best practices, Imply Polaris comes pre-tuned and automated for you.

  • Ensure high performance with baked in best practices on tuning and configuration
  • Get the right partitioning scheme to optimize your workloads with  built-in dashboards
  • Drive efficiency with a data layout that remains optimized over time with auto-compaction

Optimize performance with data definition made easy

Get the visibility you need to build the right Druid data model for your application to get the best performance out of your queries.  A built-in UI guides you through the experience of defining your data model with no dependencies on ingestion.

  • Gain a greater level of consistency and control with a centrally managed schema to meet your data governance needs
  • Identify the optimal data layout with ease through a built-in schema
  • Easily drill into the performance of your queries with built-in performance monitoring

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