Cluster Management Simplified

Manage your Druid clusters effortlessly with Imply Manager’s comprehensive and intuitive point and click interface.


Stand up your cluster in minutes

Create, deploy, run, monitor, scale, clone, and terminate clusters with zero downtime – providing your users a seamless experience.

  • Spin up and spin down clusters in a single click 
  • Terminate and clone a cluster through a comprehensive and intuitive UI
  • Add or remove servers or update a cluster with zero downtime 
  • Meet unpredictable loads with automatic creation of capacity-aware load balancers

Automate cluster operations

Automate repetitive maintenance tasks such as creating load balancers, taking backups, and loading new extensions – reducing operational overhead for your engineering teams.

  • Change configurations without disrupting running services
  • Experience zero-down time binary updates
  • Manage cluster operations with a single click, including disaster recovery

Access all key cluster information in a single place

Get access to key cluster information such as instance types, logs, VPC, security certificates, and API endpoints in a single location – avoiding blind spots for your support teams.

  • See your cluster deployment status in one view
  • Easy access to key cluster information such as VPC, Security Certificates, API endpoints
  • Get connected to monitoring, data management, and user facing portals

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