Mar 3, 2021

Scaling reporting at Reddit

Reddit, one of the world’s largest social networks, has over 400 million monthly active users, and they generate hundreds of billions of raw events regularly. Reddit has just launched a new advertising reporting solution based on Imply and Apache Druid, allowing Reddit advertisers to answer business questions and get fast, reliable, and flexible analytics. After adopting Imply, they’ve improved their query speed, improved system reliability, and enabled self-service analytics to business stakeholders.

“Our new Druid-backed reporting system typically responds 2-3x faster [than our legacy system]… Our legacy system struggled to maintain 99.5% availability while our new service is generally able to maintain 99.9% availability.”

You can find the full post on the Reddit engineering blog.

A great way to get hands-on with Druid is through a Free Imply Download or Imply Cloud Trial.

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