New data architectures for high performance netflow analytics

In this session, we will describe the motivation and architecture behind operational analytic databases, and how they are used at some of the world’s largest companies to analyze netflows. This new class of data system enables rapid and flexible data ingestion, efficient data storage of large volumes of dimensional data such as netflows, and extremely fast queries compared against traditional systems. We will use Druid as a case study to explain the performance benefits for netflows.

Building an Open Source Streaming Analytics Stack with Kafka and Druid

Learn how to build an end-to-end streaming analytic stack by combining a message bus (Apache Kafka), a stream processor, and a query engine (Apache Druid).

Druid Meetup at Netflix

Netflix shares their experience of using Druid and how it has helped provide the best streaming experience to their users through a series of lightning talks.

Imply Cloud: A walk-through

A walk-through of Imply Cloud, Imply's AWS based managed Apache Druid service.

Interactive Exploratory Analytics with Druid

Learn more about how Druid can power exploratory workflows that go beyond dashboarding and reporting.

Introduction to Imply

Imply is an operational data analytics platform that is designed from the ground up for event-driven data.

New data architectures for high performance netflow analytics

Learn about how open source streaming technologies such as Apache Kafka and Apache Druid can be combined to analyze network traffic data.

OLAP for Big Data, SF Data Mining Meetup

A look into what is needed to build a true OLAP streaming big-data platform.

SF Scala: Gian Merlino Interview

A brief interview with Imply's CTO and cofounder, Gian Merlino.

The Rise of the Operational Analytic Data Stores

Imply's cofounder and CTO, Gian Merlino, presents about Druid and operational analytic databases.

Sub-second Analytics on Apache Kafka with Confluent and Imply

Learn about how Apache Kafka and Apache Druid can be combined to form an end-to-end streaming analytics stack.

Tutorial: Imply Quickstart

A quick walk-though of Imply quickstart. Learn how to set up Imply and load some example data.