Imply Pivot

A Druid-optimized drag and drop UI for streaming event data with sub-second ad-hoc query response. Slice, dice and drill down into fresh data at scale.

No “run” button, intuitive data exploration

Pivot enables high-speed OLAP-style queries into very large data sets through drag-and-drop interactions. You can create data cubes supporting ad hoc operations for a single visualization, or collect visualizations into a dashboard to rapidly distill information.

Data cubes for big and fast data

The Pivot data cube view lets you drag and drop dimensions and metrics, and have results instantly presented and updated live as new data arrives. Pivot will select the right visualization for your query or you can choose your own. You can also easily include and exclude specific values to drill into the data, and customize your queries.

Really real-time dashboards

Unlike traditional BI dashboards, Pivot dashboards provide an up-to-the second view plus the unrestricted ability to drill in and manipulate the query. They are fully interactive so you can explore data to your heart’s content. They allow users to apply their creativity and subject matter expertise to the data.

Anomalies explained with one click

Ad hoc data exploration is about “getting to why” when things change. On a line chart you might see a spike, a dip, or a change in variance. In Pivot you can use the “Explain” button to select anomalous data and receive a machine-driven explanation of what variables are contributing to the data values selected.

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