Collect critical metrics in one place and get instant visibility

Simple to use and manage, even for petabytes of data


Out-of-the-box integration with popular message buses, stream processors, and file systems.


Issue OLAP (slice and dice, drill down, aggregate) queries on real-time and historical data.


Leverage point-and-click visualizations for ad-hoc visuals and interactive reports.


Issue SQL queries, connect to BI tools through JBDC/ODBC, or directly integrate with our APIs.

Intuitive, interactive, and easy to use.

Imply enables anyone in an organization create and view lightning fast reports at any level of detail on real-time and historical data. Perform complex aggregations, groupings, and filters with no prior experience required. Our technology has been deployed across a variety of industries, and our customers range from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

Onboard data from many sources

Directly load raw data from a AWS S3, Apache Kafka, HDFS, AWS Kinesis, HTTP, local files, or your own custom system. Our data loader UI makes onboarding new datasets fast and painless.

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Manage and deploy

You can download our software and deploy in any environment or use our new managed service cloud offering. Our managed service deploys software securely in your AWS VPC. You choose the hardware, and you own the data. We make management and operations dead simple. Issue no-downtime rolling upgrades, understand bottlenecks through our dev ops tools, and autoscale based on load.

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Explore and visualize data

Use Imply to create a variety of visualizations through a drag-and-drop interface. Every visualization is fully interactive, and updates occur in real-time with new incoming data. Create and share dashboards.

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Issue SQL

Connect your favorite BI tools such as Tableau through our JDBC/ODBC interface. Build custom apps on top of RESTful APIs or issue SQL queries directly.

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Monitor and optimize performance

Get full visibility into your cluster with Imply's monitoring tool. Track usage and performance, get the most from your hardware, and ensure production uptime for your apps or analytics.

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