Announcing Imply Cloud: Managed Service for AWS

by Vadim Ogievetsky · in Imply platform · March 13, 2018

We often hear back from our community and our customers that Druid/Imply is extremely powerful once it is properly set up, but setting up a secure distributed cluster requires too much time and understanding of the underlying system.

Today, we are excited to announce that Imply Cloud, a fully managed service for AWS, is now generally available. Imply Cloud is designed to make deploying and operating Imply clusters extremely simple, while ensuring our customers retain data rights and control over their clusters.

Imply Cloud main

Imply Cloud radically simplifies deployment, management, and scaling.

With Imply Cloud, you can deploy a production-ready, fully secure, Imply stack in your AWS VPC with your choice of hardware in minutes. There’s no need to figure out how to tune the hardware, setup disaster recovery and backups, or suffer downtime for software updates.

You own the hardware and the data, and have full control over the cluster. We handle all cluster operations.

Imply Cloud comes with powerful features such as:

Cluster deployment

Launch and deploy secure clusters with just a few clicks.

Imply Cloud deploy

Rolling updates

Update your software version and apply new configurations without any downtime.

Imply Cloud rolling update

Easy data onboarding

Ingest data from S3, Kafka, and Kinesis with a point and click data loader.

Imply Data loader

Performance monitoring and analytics

Imply Cloud comes with Clarity, a dev-ops/performance analytics tool that monitors your clusters and helps you diagnose performance bottlenecks and avoid operational issues.

Imply Clarity

Full support

Imply’s team of Druid committers are available to answer any technical issues and ensure you meet your production SLAs.

If you are interested in getting started with Imply Cloud, please visit

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