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What we've been up to and what's coming up

Announcing Virtual Druid Summit – April 15, 2020

I am happy to tell you that 10 days after we officially postponed Druid Summit, we have now launched Virtual Druid Summit, which will take place as a series of online talks on April 15. Each talk will be a spicy 30 minutes of real-world information, followed by Q/A. There are 5 talks from Druid practitioners from a variety of industries and spanning 3 continents. The summit will open with a Apache Druid Roadmap and Vision talk from Apache Druid PMC Chair Gian Merlino, and will close with a 2-way voice-interactive “ask us anything” session featuring Druid authors and contributors.
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Imply Releases A Reference Architecture for Apache Druid on Microsoft Azure

Tijo Thomas, a Solutions Architect at Imply, recently wrote a reference architecture for Apache Druid on Microsoft Azure that includes some best practices for running on services such as Azure VM, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Database Service and HDInsight.
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A Reference Architecture for Real-Time IoT Analytics feat. Apache Druid

Analyzing the potential petabytes or more of data from all these devices goes way beyond existing data warehouses or data lakes. Fortunately companies have already implemented IoT analytics using Imply, the real-time intelligence platform built on Apache Druid, the leading open source real-time time analytics database.
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Why I joined Imply

I’ve been leading engineering and product at Imply for 5 months now, and every day is more exciting than the one before. Just before Imply, I was a Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, directly involved in the investments in tens of companies and on the board of many. Many wonder: "having seen hundreds of companies at Andreessen Horowitz, why did I choose Imply?” The truth is it would have been a mistake not to.
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Announcing Imply 3.2

We are delighted to announce that Imply 3.2 is now available! Imply 3.2 is based on Apache Druid 0.17 (Druid’s first Apache top level project release) and adds new cloud management, alerting, reporting, and data loading features.
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Introducing Druid 0.17.0

Earlier this week, the Apache Druid community released Druid 0.17.0. This is the project’s first release since graduating from the Apache Incubator, and it therefore represents an important milestone.
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Upcoming events

Druid Summit 2020 (SF Bay Area)

Druid Summit is a three day conference that features a full day of hands-on Druid training plus two days of talks by project committers, enterprise practitioners and industry experts covering development methods, architectural patterns, operational best practices, real-time studies of Druid in production and much more.

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